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Newfoundland Winter Staycations: Sunshine, Warm Water, and Ocean Breeze


If you’re dreaming of a sea breeze, warm water, and sunshine, you’re not the only one. On top of that, there are real biological reasons why you may find yourself craving the same this time of year.

Newfoundland Winter Staycations
Enjoy the Winter from Home

Although that trip to your favourite sun and sand destination may be postponed for this winter, you can find much of what you’re looking for right here at home, just a short drive from St. John’s. 

The 2021 Newfoundland Winter Dream Staycation

It’s actually one of the best-kept secrets on the Southern Avalon Peninsula.

Drive 30 min south of St. John’s to Mobile Bay overlooking the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve and retreat to the warm waters and bubbling bliss of the outdoor hot tubs and spas at Whale House Guest House, a private and exclusive boutique hotel guesthouse located on the East Coast Trail and overlooking world-famous humpback whale feeding grounds.

Enjoy the sunshine in the steamy waters of your private hot tub on an outdoor deck overlooking the Atlantic ocean, soothe your muscles with a hydrotherapy massage, and take time to breathe. 

Most of the East Coast Trail is accessable in the Winter
Most of the East Coast Trail is accessable in the Winter

Sunshine, Vitamin D, and Vitamin Sea

This is the time of year when the days are shortest and the sun hangs low in the winter sky. If you feel yourself craving sunshine, there may be a lot more going on inside your body than you think. Vitamin D, which is also a hormone, is essential to our well being.

Blue Whale Suite, and a sample of of of the Fine Czeck Scuptures in our roating art
In Need of Vitamin Sea

It is made by our body through a reaction between sunlight and the cholesterol layer under our skin. Vitamin D is actually responsible for many vital processes in our bodies, including fighting off viruses and cancer.

There are dietary sources of vitamin D, like fish and some mushrooms, but the bulk of what we create is made when the sunshine hits our skin and reacts with our cholesterol to make Vitamin D3, and at this time of year, we simply aren’t getting enough since we’re covered up from head to toe whenever we go outside, offering little exposure to the sunshine our body craves and needs. 

The hot tubs at Whale House are located on your own private seaside deck overlooking the ocean, making it easy to enjoy the bubbling warm water bliss, fresh sea breeze, and sunshine. Suites like the Blue Whale are flooded with natural light in the day, feature sun-soaked oversized windows, and boast 180-degree views of the ocean and marine ecological reserve. 

Private and Exclusive

The suites at Whale House Guest House are private and exclusive. All have private entrances to the outdoors with trailside access to the most popular sections of the East Coast Trail. When you arrive, access your suite with your personal keycode and start enjoying yourself right away.

There’s nobody to meet, no forms to sign, and no awkward conversations to be had. Expect your suite to be perfect when you arrive, every time, and if you’re a member of Whale House Prime, enjoy special extras like free upgrades, late check-out, and access to dream packages.

Rotating Art Exhibits

Legacy suites like the Blue Whale offer rotating international fine art exhibits from sculptors and painters, an experience totally unique to Whale House. If you’re a member of Whale House Prime, you can even pre-select which work will be on display when you arrive, a personalized art-viewing just for you.

Sample of some of the original artwork rotating in the Blue Whale Suite.
Samples of some of the original artwork rotating in the Blue Whale Suite

Super Clean

Suites are super clean and well ventilated. Each suite has its own air supply direct to the outdoors and is always professionally cleaned and sanitized, which means you can feel confident and secure when you arrive. There are no shared or common indoor areas. It’s all exclusively just for you.

The Best East Coast Trail Hikes

Experience the best East Coast Trail hikes. Access the East Coast Trail directly from your suite, with access to the most popular East Coast walks and paths like the Tinker’s Point Path and Beaches Path East Coast Trail sections. With private trailside parking and access to the trail directly from your suite, it’s easy to get out and explore the entire Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve coastline

Snowshoe and Ski

The Tinker’s Point Path is also a fantastic snowshoe route and a popular first-time trail for those new to snowshoeing. Need snowshoes?

Let Whale House Guest House know before you arrive and two pairs will be waiting in your suite for you to use during your stay. Exploring the Tinker’s Point Path on snowshoe is easy and fun.

Want to go further and explore more? If you’re an experienced snowshoe or cross country ski enthusiast looking for a full-day adventure, check out the secret snowshoe trail to the spout

Snowshoeing in Newfoundland on the East Coast Trail, makes for a perfect Winter day
Snowshoeing in Newfoundland on the East Coast Trail, makes for a perfect Winter day


If you’re a surfer, you’re probably aware that some of the best  Newfoundland Surf breaks are in the area. Enjoy waves in the day, then warm-up and relax in the bubbling bliss of your private oceanside hot tub when you’re done. 

Quiet Your Mind and Change Your Reality

The best ideas and epiphanies usually come to a mind that is calm, clear, and receptive. Life-changing realizations can come at any time, but they’re much more likely to arrive when your environment is conducive to the same. In a world when one day melts into another, remove yourself from the mundane and put yourself in a place where you can clear your mind and see things for what they really are.

Clear your mind in the middle of nowhere

Stargazing and Winter Constellations 

Stargazing is one of humanity’s most popular pastimes. We’ve been looking up into the cosmos for as long as anyone can remember. With the advent of electricity, growth in human populations, and migrations into the cities, most people don’t really know what stargazing is like anymore. Sure, you can see a few stars and the moon from your local city streets, but to really see stars and strips of constellations, you need to get away from light pollution, which is a lot harder than you think.

Whale House is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, overlooking a protected marine ecological reserve. The Guest House keeps light pollution to an absolute minimum, making it easy to stargaze and see what’s really out there. Experience winter constellations like Canis Minor, Orion, and Taurus visible clearly in the night sky while enjoying the warm waters of your outdoor stargazing hot tub.

Check out what’s really out there. You’ll be surprised at how much you can see on a clear night. 

Stay Connected

Superfast WiFi, in-suite google assistant, and a mesh network ensure you stay connected when you need and unplug when you choose. Watch Netflix and chill, listen to your favourite audiobook, and enjoy unlimited access to one of the fastest network connections in Newfoundland. 

Food, Drink, and Restaurants at your Doorstep

Food and drink are important, so don’t forget about this part when planning your Newfoundland Winter Staycation. With a multitude of restaurants and food options in the area, you won’t go hungry while at Whale House. Fork Restaurant is a 2 min walk from the Guest House and offers one of the best-reviewed dining experiences in Newfoundland.

Other great restaurants and take-outs in the area are The Jigger Restaurant (Check out our post about them here) in Witless Bay, and The Captain’s Table Restaurant (Read our post about their famous Fish and Chips) in Mobile. If you’re on the hunt for provisions, you can find a lot of what you are looking for at the wine shop and corner store at the end of the Whale House lane. You can also find a full-service grocery, pharmacy, and liquor store less than 10 min away in the community of Bay Bulls. 

Now, even more than before, Newfoundland is one of the best places to be. So, if you find yourself sequestered on this island in the Atlantic Ocean during this special time in human history, be sure to take full advantage of the opportunity, 

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Whale House Guest House offers luxury boutique private suites with outdoor hot tubs overlooking humpback whale feeding grounds. Located next to the east coast trail in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, just 30 min from downtown St. John’s.

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