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Newfoundland Gluten-Free Restaurant wins World’s Best Fish and Chip’s Award


Looking for the world’s best fish and chips? If you’re anything like us, those words sound enticing. But how can anyone make such a subjective claim as the world’s best fish and chips restaurant? Surely there are a lot of self-serving world’s best fish and chips restaurant claims circulating the fish and chip restaurant industry, but can these claims really be trusted?

Normally, we would be suspect of any restaurant claiming to have the world’s best fish and chips, but that was up until we heard the story of how The Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile Newfoundland ended up winning the prestigious World’s Best Fish and Chips Award from International Best Restaurant.

As it turns out, the Captain’s Table Restaurant has been well known locally for churning out the best fish and chips this side of Cape Spear for quite some time. Maybe it’s the homemade tartar sauce or the expertly prepared fresh Newfoundland cod and crispy fries cooked to perfection, but there is a reason why locals kept coming back to the Captain’s Table Restaurant for more. As time continued on, word got out all the way across the pond to the London Journal who, unannounced to the Captain’s Table Restaurant’s owners, sent a secret judge to eat at the Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile.

The judge ordered the three-piece fish and chips platter, The Captain’s Table Restaurant ended up beating out numerous other international restaurants, and this Mobile Newfoundland local restaurant favourite gained international notoriety by winning the coveted World’s Best Fish and Chips Award.  

The Captain’s Table restaurant has been going strong since the late 1980’s when they started as a take-out restaurant in Mobile Newfoundland. The restaurant is named after Captain William Jackman, a famous Captain who once saved 27 lives off the coast of Newfoundland and the Captain’s Table Restaurant is full of Captain William Jackman’s memorabilia so be sure to check out some of the photos, newspaper clippings, and plaques of his medals on display at The Captain’s Table Restaurant. Captain William Jackman is the Captain’s Table Restaurant’s founder’s great grandfather and is the inspiration behind the Captain’s Table Restaurant name. 

Captain's Table has a rustic atmosphere, reminiscent of a ship's galley
Captain’s Table has a rustic atmosphere, reminiscent of a ship’s galley

Where is The Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile Newfoundland Located?

The Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile Newfoundland is centrally located on the edge of the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve. The Captain’s Table Restaurant is just a 5 min drive from the East Coast Trail Tinker’s Point Trailhead and Whale House Guest House. The area in and around the Captain’s Table Restaurant offers world-class whale watching, hiking, and wildlife viewing opportunities, with daily boat tour departures available from the three ports of Mobile, Witless Bay, and Bay Bulls.

The Captain's Table is smack dab in the middle of Witless Bay and Mobile
The Captain’s Table is smack dab in the middle of Witless Bay and Mobile

When is The Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile Open?

The Captain’s Table Restaurant is open year-round from 12-8 pm daily. In the summer you can also enjoy your meal on the Captain’s Table outdoor deck or you can choose a cozy booth inside. 

Enjoy a refreshing drink on the Captain's deck
Enjoy a refreshing drink on the Captain’s deck

Gluten-Free Restaurant in Mobile, Newfoundland

The Captain’s Table’s entire menu (with the exception of one or two items which are clearly marked) is gluten-free. The owner of the restaurant practices gluten-free eating himself, so the utmost care goes into providing some of Newfoundland’s best gluten-free meals. If you practice gluten-free eating by choice or necessity, you already know how hard it can be to find a true gluten-free restaurant. The Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile Newfoundland offers some of the best gluten-free menu options around. 

Scallops and a Ceasar Salad from the Captain’s Table Restaurant

Don’t Skip Dessert, The Captain’s Table Restaurant Deserts

It’s OK to be discerning when it comes to desserts. While eating dessert isn’t something that happens every time you eat at a restaurant, it’s definitely not worth skipping at the Captain’s Table. Unlike the scoops of ice cream and once frozen pies found at larger restaurants, the desserts at the Captain’s Table Restaurant are made from scratch according to local traditional Newfoundland family recipes.

All desserts are made fresh, totally from scratch, and they’re not worth skipping. Want to experience bliss? Look no further than the homemade gluten-free cheesecake, one of the biggest hits at the Captain’s Table in Mobile.

And when we say each of these delicious traditional Newfoundland desserts is made from scratch, we mean it, right up to squeezing down the lemons and making homemade chocolate oranges slices. It’s this attention to detail that sets the Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile Newfoundland in a league of its own.  

The Captain's Table is famous for more than the fish and chips, the cheesecake is a local showstopper
The Captain’s Table is famous for more than the fish and chips, the cheesecake is a local showstopper

The Captain’s Table Restaurant has a Happy Crew

When you eat at the Captain’s Table Restaurant you’ll instantly notice how happy the staff are. It’s like they’re doing exactly what they want to be doing. All of them look engaged, and you can just tell everyone loves working at this restaurant in Mobile. It kind of feels like one big happy family. 

Have a Beer on the deck and watch the kids play on the boat

Playing in the big wooden boat directly outside the Captain’s Table Restaurant in Mobile has been a favourite pastime for over 20 years. Countless adults now drive by with fond memories of playing in the Captain’s Table Restaurant wooden boat, some of which now bring their own children to do the same.

The Captain’s Table Giant Wooden Boat has gone through several transformations and changes throughout the years. It’s a local icon. 

The Famous Boat outside the Captains' Table Restaurant in Mobile, Newfoundland
The Famous Boat outside the Captains’ Table Restaurant in Mobile, Newfoundland

A Fresh Welcome, The Captain’s Table Restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients 

Local Newfoundland food is best made with locally sourced Newfoundland ingredients. The Captain’s Table Restaurant uses eggs from local free-range chickens, a difference that really shines through in their fresh baking, cooking, and breakfast. The same goes for their fish, produce, and everything else.  

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  1. Hello , I’m coming out to St. John’s in July. I have celiac disease and am a strict gluten free diet. What I miss most of all is enjoying real fish and chips! I was pretty excited to read about your restaurant. I will be looking forward to a delicious gluten free dinner and dessert. See you this summer !

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