Top 10 Restaurants near Witless Bay

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Planning a visit to the Witless Bay Marine Eco Reserve and looking for a great place to eat? Whether you’ve just finished a whale-watching boat tour, are getting back from an East Coast Trail hike, or are making your way down the Irish Loop, knowing where to eat is important. Here’s and list of our top ten restaurants and places to eat near Witless Bay.

1: The Captain’s Table

Restaurants near Witless Bay

It’s not fair to judge all restaurants by their fish and chips, but if you did The Captain’s Table restaurant just outside of Witless Bay in Mobile Newfoundland would come out as the clear winner. The Captain’s Table also specializes in gluten-free options making it a great place to eat for everyone. With a varied menu, vegetarian options, great sit down service, and tasty desserts, it’s easy to eat here more than once.

2: The Fork Restaurant

In the middle of the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve is Fork Restaurant, a total foodie pleaser. Fork Restaurants brings true classic Newfoundland food and fuses it with the best locally sourced ingredients and seasonally appropriate pairings. A meal at Fork is an experience. If you want to eat at Fork be sure to make a reservation since space is limited, especially for events like the forager’s supper where you get to learn about foraged food and eat things you may have never tried before. If you like trying new things and adore food that’s healthy and tasty, Fork Restaurant is perfect for you.

3: Squid Jigger

The Jigger Restaurant is currently open and offering tasty traditional Newfoundland take out food. As we type this blog post about restaurants in Bay Bulls and the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, there’s a line up of locals looking for a feed of wings, fish and chips, burgers, and pea soup, which we highly recommend as a way to warm up at this time of year.

4. Tim Horton’s

If you’re like most Newfoundlanders, you only have one good arm in the morning because in your other hand there’s a cup of coffee, and the most popular place in Canada to get a cup of coffee is Tim Horton’s. Located just north of Witless Bay at the turn off to Witless Bay Line, Tim Horton’s is a great place to grab a coffee, pastry, or sandwich to go.

5: Irish Loop Coffee House

Looking for a sit-down breakfast place with a tea room vibe and ocean view? The Irish Loop Coffee House is a nice place to have breakfast, drink coffee, and catch up on the latest gossip.

6: In Da Loop Restaurant

You’re going to want to hit this one up if you’re on a sightseeing drive down the Irish Loop on the Southern Avalon Peninsula. Located 40 min south of Witless Bay on the southern shore highway, In Da Loop Restaurant has clean and comfortable sit down service, a licensed bar, and a pub style atmosphere. They also offer amazing chicken and classic Newfoundland cuisine. Great prices, big portions, tasty food, and friendly service.

7: The Squid Jigger

Like seafood, pub grub, and big bowls of pea soup? The Squid Jigger is another great option for sit down or takeout service, an ideal pit stop along your irish loop adventure. Only 30 min south of Witless Bay, the squid jigger is easy to spot with a squid on their sign and a parking lot usually full of patrons.

8: Riverside Restaurant and Lounge

Cape Broyle is 20 min south of Witless Bay and home to the best moose burger on the southern shore. Not every restaurant serves moose, and fewer still do a good job at cooking it, so if you always wanted to try a moose burger, now’s you’re chance. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of other pub and traditional Newfoundland food including seafood chowder and fish. The restaurant has comfortable seating and a view of the harbour.

Picnic in Newfoundland

9: Lighthouse Picnics

Like Picnics? How about gourmet sandwiches, salads, and fresh baked goodies? Want to enjoy a world class picnic near a lighthouse overlooking the ocean with humpback whales spouting in the background without having to do any preparation or clean-up? Lighthouse Picnics offers fully stocked picnic baskets complete with picnic blanket from the lighthouse in Ferryland, just 25 min south of Witless Bay. Guaranteed to be the best picnic you’re ever had.

10: Sailor’s Gallery

Located in Bay Bulls Newfoundland, a few min north of Witless Bay, the Sailor’s Gallery Restaurant is located near the busy port of Bay Bulls and close to several large commercial boat tour operators. The restaurant offers traditional Newfoundland food like moose soup, seafood, pea soup, moose burgers, and just about anything else that’s local. The Gallery has friendly knowledgeable staff and has a rustic log cabin type atmosphere with the best seating located on the upper level.

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