The Jigger Restaurant, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

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The Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls just opened it’s doors to the public and the response couldn’t be better. Located on the southern shore of Newfoundland’s Avalon Penninsula in the community of Bay Bulls. The Jigger Restaurant is opening its doors to the public in two phases.

  • Right now all food at The Jigger Restaurant can only be ordered to go while the finishing touches are completed on The Jigger Restaurant’s sit down dining room scheduled to open in the new year of 2020
Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland
Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

The Jigger Restaurant is currently open and offering tasty traditional Newfoundland take out food. As we type this blog post about restaurants in Bay Bulls and the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, there’s a line up of locals looking for a feed of wings, fish and chips, burgers, and pea soup, which we highly recommend as a way to warm up at this time of year.

With the opening of the Jigger in Bay Bulls, this adds another restaurant to the mix of great places to eat in the Bay Bulls, Witless Bay, Mobile, and Witless Bay Ecological Reserve at large. 

If you’re looking for other great places to eat and drink near the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, be sure to check out The Fork Restaurant near Whale House Guest House in Mobile and the Captain’s Table Restaurant both of which are located in the middle of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve and close to the Tinkers Point East Coast Trail junction.

Traditional Newfoundland take-out food as you’ll find at The Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls is a staple of almost every outport community. While menu items and methods of preparation vary between local take out restaurants, Newfoundland cuisine favourites like turkey soup, cod bites, and fish and chips platters are a commonality.

Prices at The Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls are on the reasonable side. If you’re looking to warm-up with a bowl of homemade pea soup like we did when stopping in last week, it will only set you back $6.95 and it comes piping hot with a homemade bread roll included. If you feel like you haven’t eaten for days and really want to satisfy your craving for local Newfoundland take out, fill the void with the fish platter and feast on battered cod, shrimp, scallops, fries, and coleslaw. The portions are big, and the service is as local as it gets.


Are you interested in seeing The Jigger Restaurant Menu? Here is a rundown of some of the more popular items currently on the menu at the Jigger Restaurant :

The Jigger Restaurant, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland: 709-334-3330


Onion Rings: $6.95
Mozza Sticks: $6.95
Mac and Cheese Wedges: $6.95
Calamari: $8.95
Hot Wings: $12.50
Chrispy Chicken: $12.50
Outlaw Wings: $12.50
Potato Skins: $9.95
Ceaser Salad: $9.95 ($6.95 for a side salad)
Broccoli Cheddar Bites: $6.95
Fiesta Jalapeno Pippers: $8.95

SOUPS (all homemade):

Turkey Soup: $6.95
Pea Soup: $6.95
Seafood Chowder: $9.95


3 x Wings and Chips: $10.95
2 x Wings and Chips: $8.95
1 x Wing: $2.50
6 x Chicken Fingers: $7.95
Chicken Fingers and Fries: $11.25
Fin and Feather: $11.95
Chicken Nuggets: $5.95
Chicken Nuggets and Fries: $10.50


3 Piece Fish and Chips: $`17.95
2 Piece Fish and Chips: $13.95
1 Piece Fish and Chips: $9.95
1 Piece Fish: $4.75
5 x Cod Bites: $13.95
10 x Cod Bites: $13.95
Seafood Platter: $16.95
8 x Shrimp: $7.95
Shrimp and Chips: $12.95
8 x Scallops: $9.95
8 x Scallops and Fries: $14.95


Hamburger: $4.95
Cheeseburger: $5.50
Bacon Double Cheeseburger: $7.95
Chicken Fillet: $6.95
The Sprout Burger: $6.95

*You can also upsize your burger to a complete platter for $5.50 extra


All $7.50, choose from

Chicken Ceaser
Chicken Thai
Regular Chicken
Club Sandwich


Hot Turkey Sandwich: $13.95
Turkey Dinner: $16.95

*Yes, it comes with fries or mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, and green peas


Club Sandwich: $8.95
Club Sandwich and Fries: $13.50
BLT: $6.95
Cold Ham Sandwich: $4.95
Cold Turkey Sandwich: $6.95

On top of all this, you can also order off the kids menu and choose from a selection of drinks. Below is an image of The Jigger Restaurant Menu from the last time we visited The Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls Newfoundland.

Did you get a chance to eat at The Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls Newfoundland or at any of the other Bay Bulls, Witless Bay, and Mobile restaurants we have covered in our blog posts? If yes what was your experience like? Do you have a favourite menu item? Please post in the comments below so that others can discover fantastic things you thought are worthwhile to mention. 

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