Traditional Newfoundland Fences

If you’ve done some hiking around the East Coast Trail or taken a walk through the coastal meadows here in the ecological reserve, chances are you’ve noticed some really beautiful traditional Newfoundland fences in the area. The coastal meadows along … Read More

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Folk art of Captain Wayne

Art and Gardening on Newfoundland’s Southern Shore

If you’re looking for a relaxed day of exploring coastal communities throughout the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve you won’t run out of things to do and look at. The Southern Avalon coastal communities of Mobile, Bauline, Tors Cove, Witless Bay, and … Read More

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Growing Spinach in Newfoundland

Newfoundland Gardening

Gardening has always been a strong tradition here in Newfoundland, and for good reason. Newfoundland is a great place for agriculture. Humans have pursued gardening as an endeavor since our species first started cultivating plants some 12,000 years ago. Today, … Read More

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World’s Best Picnic Spot: Cribbies Meadow

Not only does the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve offer some of the best restaurants like The Fork, Captain’s Table, Pond House, and The Jigger, but it also has the best picnic spot in the world, and this spot is easier … Read More

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Top Newfoundland Staycation Ideas and Couples Retreats

How to Plan the Ultimate Newfoundland Staycation

Your 2020 summer Newfoundland staycation is going to be awesome, that’s for sure, but exactly how awesome your summer staycation is, like many things, will depend a lot on the planning you do. Just like any vacation, taking the time … Read More

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Prime example of the Newfoundland Root Cellar

Newfoundland Root Cellar in Mobile Bay

The Root Cellar in Mobile Bay is over 200 years old, and so is the house next to it. The current resident, retired local priest Father Kennedy, was born in this house and can tell you more about the local history … Read More

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Sea Otter Visits the Whale House

If you’ve recently stayed in the Blue Whale or Humpback Whale Suite, you may have noticed a Sea Otter hanging around the organic garden. Normally it’s easy to see families of sea otters in and around the waters of Mobile … Read More

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The PondHouse, the new hot spot in the Witless bay - Bay Bulls area

The PondHouse Restaurant in Bay Bulls

The Pond House Eatery, located at 878 Southern Shore Highway, Bay Bulls, is the latest addition to outstanding restaurants located in the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve. The Pond House Eatery offers family and roadhouse classics, with special categories on their … Read More

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The Ducks of the Waddle On Inn

If you’ve visited Whale House Guest House in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve before, chances are you’ve seen their famous ducks wandering around the organic garden and hanging out in their iconic duck treehouse. Mystico, George, Snowflake and Mowhawk, the four … Read More

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Boosting Your Immune System by Raising Your Body Temperature

Most of us are familiar with what it’s like to have a fever. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t ever had one. Spiking a fever, after all, is part of your body’s natural defence against many things including viral … Read More

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Forest Bathing and why it helps you fight viruses and cancers

Your immune system is a complicated and amazing thing. Your own Natural Killer Cells work with T-cells and other parts of your immune system to do things like kill cancer cells and destroy viruses that invade our bodies. Natural Killer Cells … Read More

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Worried about Travel during Corona Pandemic? Choose a Newfoundland Staycation instead

Like many Newfoundland Canadian jet setters, you may be thinking hard about upcoming international vacation travel plans if your itinerary is taking you close to pandemic outbreak hotspots. While Hubae Province in China is easing its lockdowns and returning to … Read More

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