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Everything you need to know about Atlantic Bubble 2.0

Get ready for The Atlantic Bubble version two, or what’s being referred to lovingly as Atlantic Bubble 2.0, which is scheduled to open on April 19th, 2021. This means, once again, members of all four of the Atlantic Canada Provinces, consisting of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland, will enjoy free and unrestricted travel throughout Atlantic Canada.

Newfoundland Winter Staycations

Newfoundland Winter Staycations: Sunshine, Warm Water, and Ocean Breeze

If you’re dreaming of a sea breeze, warm water, and sunshine, you’re not the only one. On top of that, there are real biological reasons why you may find yourself craving the same this time of year. Although that trip to your favourite sun and sand destination may be postponed for this winter, you can find much of what you’re looking for right here at home, just a short drive from St. John’s.

Looking for attractions and travel ideas near the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve?

Provincial Parks, Attractions, and Adventures

Looking for attractions and travel ideas near the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve? With the best newfoundland povincial parks, lighthouses, and World UNESCO sites all within a one hour radius, it’s easy to see that sunrise, experience the oldest fossils on the planet, or take in your favourite activity, be it kayaking, surfing, hiking the east coast trail, checking out the beaches and sandbanks, or enjoying some bubbling bliss in one of the outdoor whale house hot tubs. Whatever you choose, we just want you to be happy.


16 Winter Surfing and SUP Surfing Tips

If you’re a beginner surfer that’s looking to keep catching waves into the winter or a seasoned pro looking to extend the fall surf season, winter surfing is fun, rewarding, and a brand new challenge. In Newfoundland, winter surfing comes with its own special challenges and rewards.

Enjoy the Winter
Atlantic Canada Travel Bubble

Atlantic Bubble Winter Escapes

As the days get shorter, do you find yourself in Newfoundland and dreaming of that sun and warm water seaside vacation? If so, you’re not alone. There’s nothing better than a hot winter escape to kindle your internal fire and get you revved up for the holidays.


The Trail to Fork Restaurant

The best things in life aren’t always easy to find, and why would they be? When you’re this good, you don’t need to advertise.

Sandwiched between Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail and the Atlantic Ocean, Fork Restaurant is a date night dream that nails it when it comes to atmosphere and food.