TOP 5 Newfoundland Edible Plants

If you find yourself walking down the East Coast Trail this summer with a rumble in your tummy, just remember, you’re surrounded by food. With so much bounty in the woods here in Newfoundland, if you’re empowered with the knowledge of what plants are good to eat, you’ll never go hungry. We’re all used to getting food at the store, and sometimes we do silly things like drive to the store to buy something that’s actually growing right under our nose. This summer, discover the joys of foraging and get a chance to try new and delicious things you may otherwise never have been exposed to. … Read More

Whale Watching in Newfounndland

Why’s Newfoundland Whale Watching is Top Rated Worldwide?

Whale Watching in Newfoundland is different than anywhere else. Maybe you’ve had a chance to whale watch in other famous Canadian provinces like New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia or maybe you’ve even visited international whale … Read More

Avalon wilderness reserve


Whale House Guest House is sandwiched between two ecological reserves, the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve (that’s the marine protected area directly off-shore from Whale House) and the Avalon Wilderness Reserve, a massive inland wilderness reserve over 1000 square kilometers in size (we weren’t kidding when we said Whale House is in the middle of everything). … Read More

puffin patrol

The Puffin Patrol

Do you like Puffins? If so, you’re going to love staying with us. Whale House Guest House is in the middle of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, home of the largest colony of Atlantic Puffins in North America. With over … Read More

Up Close and Personal with 10,000 nature - Icebergs

Boat Tours and More

Interested in puffins, dolphins, sharks, humpback whales, otters, jelly fish, killer whales, and seabirds? Did you know one of the best boat tours in Newfoundland leaves twice daily from the end of our lane? Walk directly to the Molly Bawn … Read More

Wildlife in Newfoundland

The Story of Moose

Moose are such an iconic symbol here in Newfoundland, it’s hard to believe they’re actually not native to the island at all. That’s right, moose are not from Newfoundland at all. In 1904, four moose were introduced to the Newfoundland … Read More

The East Coast Trail

Looking to experience The East Coast Trail? Whale House Guest House is located right at the start of the famous Tinkers Point Path which connects the communities of Mobile and Tors Cove. The Tinker’s Point Trail is rated as easy, … Read More

Ten High-Flying Facts about Puffins

Beloved by birders and nature enthusiasts everywhere, puffins are one of the most widely recognized birds of the North. With a colorful bill that seems too perfectly painted to be real, puffins have a photogenic, cartoon-like appeal. Searching for them … Read More

Murres and Kittiwakes

It’s for the Birds

Millions of sea birds come to nest on the five bird islands in Witless Bay Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland during the summer breeding season to lay eggs and to raise their chicks. Witless Bay is about 50 km south of St. John’s … Read More

The East Coast Trail is a coastal walking and hiking experience that takes you to the outermost reaches of North America, along the scenic shores of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Whales, Icebergs, and The East Coast Trail

Looking for icebergs, whales, and puffins? You’ve come to the right place. Whale House Guest House has the best vantage point for all three. Located 25 min south of St. John’s, this luxury accommodation is in the middle of the … Read More