Tinkers Point Path East Coast Trail Hike

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There is a reason why the Tinkers Point Path East Coast Trail Hike is the most popular of all the East Coast Trail Hikes in Newfoundland.

View from Tinkers Point Path

The Tinkers Point coastal hike winds pleasantly along the forest paths and shorelines of Mobile Bay and Tors Cove with access to various beaches and coastal meadows, including Cribbies Meadow that’s well suited for whale watching and wildlife viewing from the land. It’s also a world-class picnic spot and the most photographed coastal meadow in Newfoundland. 

The most popular way to enjoy the Tinkers Point Path East Coast Trail Hike is to depart from the community of Mobile and take the path south along the coast towards the community of Tors Cove. If you’re driving to the Tinkers Point Path trailhead, parking at the turnaround right at the start of the Tinkers Point hike in Mobile is easy. 

The Tinkers Point Hike is open year-round and is a popular snowshoe trail in the winter months. During summer, however, the Tinkers Point East Coast Trail Hike is best known for its whale watching from land opportunities. 

Open all year, the Tinkers Point Path is always a great hike for the whole family

Unlike other east coast trail hikes, the elevation gain and loss on the Tinkers Point Path is minimal, making it comparatively easier than other popular East Coast Trail Hikes.

AllTrails.com Distance:5.1 km Elevation Gain:154 m

Coming in at a perfect 5 kilometres in distance from Mobile to Tors Cove, the Tinkers Point East Coast Trail hike is long enough to feel adventurous but short enough to be easily handled by beginner hikers and coastal walk enthusiasts.

Remember, Tinkers Point is the type of hike that has something to see around every corner and it’s possible to have countless mini-adventures along the way, so don’t feel like you have to do the entire 5 kilometres one-way journey from Mobile to Tors Cove. 

Starting in the coastal community of Mobile, you can take your time exploring the initial section of the Tinkers Point Path and turn around whenever you’re ready, be it in a few kilometres or just a few hundred meters.

The Tinkers Point Hike on the East Coast Trail is almost always in great condition, but some of the boardwalks and bridges along the way are missing boards. Also, on a windy day, the wind can literally blow the milk right out of your tea at Tinkers Point itself, but those things are to be expected. It’s all part of the adventure. 

The Tinker’s Point Path on the East Coast Trail also doubles as one of the best Whale Watching from Land venues along Newfoundland’s Southern Shore and Southern Avalon Penninsula.

Need a snack for the trail? Trailside restaurants like Fork now offer prepared picnic lunches you can take with you on the trail and hot tubs at Whale House Guest House are located trailside and are waiting to soothe your sore muscles during some well deserved apres hike pampering. 

Always pack a snacks when on the Tinkers Point Path portion of the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland
We always pack a quick snack when we head on the trails

Everyone else loves the Tinkers Point Path East Coast Trail Hike, but we want to know what you think. Have you had the chance to explore the Tinkers Point Path section of the East Coast Trail? What was the most memorable part of your trip along this section of the East Coast Trail? Share your trail tail in the comments below and let our readers know what you think.

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