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6 Reasons You Should Always Stay in A Boutique Hotel Guesthouse Over Any Other Accommodation


Figuring out where to stay on your next trip can be a big job. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Newfoundland during prime time, as the Newfoundland 2022 Come Home Year, you’re probably already aware competition for the best Newfoundland accommodations, boutique hotels, and guesthouses can be fierce. Booking accommodations often means an overwhelming amount of options are presented to you by third-party sites that are all competing for your money. Sometimes it’s hard to trust online reviews, and often photos are not as they appear. If you’re used to staying in chain hotels and standard accommodations, you may not be aware of what makes a boutique guesthouse hotel different than other hotels and bed and breakfasts. While boutique guesthouses and hotels offer countless benefits over other forms of accommodations, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of the key benefits of staying in a boutique hotel guesthouse so next time you’re planning a vacation you’ll know what to look for and why boutique-style accommodations might be perfect for you.

Relax in your private hot tub by the sea
The Stargazing Hot Tubs at Whale House Guest House are popular with relaxation enthusiasts

1: Unique, modern, and upscale design

Chain hotel brands and mom-and-pop bed and breakfasts often have a standard feel to them. They’re trying to appeal to the masses and there isn’t much of anything that stands out. You have a comfortable bed and a roof over your head, but not much in the way of art, design, and inspiration. If you think back to the last time you stayed at a Marriott or Hilton you’ll probably notice one stay blends in with the other and there isn’t anything that really stands out about the accommodation. A boutique hotel and boutique-style guesthouses, on the other hand, are hard to forget. They’re often designed in ways no other place is. Some offer custom Turkish chandeliers and Persian rugs you haven’t seen before and won’t see the likes of again. Others have displays of rare Czech art, custom-made king beds, and interiors designed by local artisans. Boutique-style accommodations are great for things like taking memorable photographs since they stand out for the crowd. From the moment you step inside, you’ll recognize you’re in a special place, an experience you’ll never forget.

Blue Whale Suite for your Newfoundland Vacation
The Blue Whale Suite offers a private oceanside hot tub, fine art, and two private decks overlooking Humpback Whale Feeding Grounds

2: The best location

Boutique style guesthouses and hotels are almost always in a great location, walking distance to major attractions or overlooking areas of natural beauty and wonder. Boutique guesthouses like the Newfoundland boutique hotel Whale House Guest House overlook the world’s largest Humpback Whale Feeding Grounds and boutique hotels like Fogo Island Inn on Fogo Island are in a location so rugged and beautiful they’ll make you forget all the clutter in your mind while enjoying the best luxury and style. It’s no wonder places like these are favourites of celebrities, adventurers, and anyone looking for a high-quality, unique, and authentic experience.

3. Intimate, private, and exclusive

When getting away, you want to do exactly that. Most people want to enjoy and relax without having to interact with anyone else. There are a lot of bed and breakfasts out there to choose from, but oftentimes you can’t help but feel awkward sitting at the table across from a strange family eating breakfast and answering questions about where you are from and what brings you to the area. Boutique style accommodations like boutique guesthouses and hotels often offer self-check-in where you can enjoy a private suite that has everything you want. Relax in your private hot tub overlooking the ocean, eat breakfast in bed, sit on the deck and watch the sunrise, or enjoy a cocktail in the middle of the night without any other prying eyes. Boutique style accommodations are especially great when you’re looking to spend intimate time with a partner or special someone. Rest easy knowing nobody will come knocking and you can do your thing. 

Enjoy the privacy at a boutique hotel
Boutique Hotels like Whale House offer the amenities you want with unparalleled comfort and privacy

4: Great prices

When you compare the price, boutique-style accommodations like boutique hotels offer much better prices than larger chain counterparts and traditional bed and breakfasts. You get more than you bargained for but pay less than you expected. Often times you’ll feel like you stayed in the presidential suite at a large hotel while paying the same price and you would for a standard room. 

Hotels offer the same level of service to all guests, but maybe you want something special

5: Luxury accommodation

Boutique guesthouses and hotels offer everything from wine in your suite on arrival to custom touches like fresh flowers, sculptures, and breathtaking views. The beds are often much better quality than you would find anywhere else and they’re often sparkling cleaning. Big hotels, by contrast, have many of the same styles of room that are turned over every day, which makes you feel like you’re just another egg in the egg carton. At a boutique hotel-style accommodation, however, no two suites are alike, which means when the suite is prepared for your arrival, it’s specifically prepared for you by people who specialize in that suite’s setup and design. Every detail is taken care of making you feel special from the moment you walk in.

Arrive when you want. Forget the lobby or front desk check-in. The best Boutique Hotels and Guesthouses offer seamless 24-hour self-check-in so you can spend all your time enjoying

6: Personal attention and touches

If you ask for something special the next time you check into a large chain hotel don’t blame the staff for giving you a blank stare and not knowing what to do. They are not trained for and do not have the ability to offer the same level of service as you can get from a boutique accommodation like a boutique-style guesthouse hotel. Boutique accommodations, on the other hand, specialize in personal touches. They just want you to be happy and anything is possible. Do you want groceries picked up for you and waiting for you in your suite when you arrive? Is there a special brand of coffee or wine that would make your stay extra special? Need a yoga mat, dark chocolate, or a picnic blanket to make your boutique getaway complete? All of these things are easy for a boutique hotel or guesthouse to provide. It’s what they specialize in and something you wont get from most other accommodation providers. 

The Best Newfoundland Accommodations, Boutique Hotels, and Guest Houses make you feel at home

We want you to be happy and have the best experience when booking accommodations, wherever your travels take you. If you’ve never had the chance to experience a boutique hotel or guesthouse, be sure to consider trying one over a standard hotel next time you travel or choose to plan a getaway. 

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  1. We started with chips, moved to nachos and salsa by day two, and by day three of Snowmageddon we were cooking sea duck and moose stew on the woodstove. Seeing 75+ cm of snowfall overnight was worth it. Our kids still can’t make it to the top of the large snowbank in our yard. Any taller and the clouds would obscure its peak.

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