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How to Plan a Newfoundland Romantic Getaway for Him


Do you want to plan the best Newfoundland Romantic Getaway for him? Even if you’re not the best planner or usually just go with the flow in most situations, planning the ultimate Newfoundland couples romantic escape for him is a lot easier than you think.

There is something really attractive about having someone plan a romantic getaway, and when it’s a surprise, it can be even more exciting.

There is no one recipe when cooking up romance, but there are some basics you really need to keep in mind when deciding how to plan a Newfoundland romantic getaway for him. Keep these best romantic Newfoundland getaway tips in mind, and you’ll nail it when planning the best Newfoundland couples retreat for him.

1: Leave the Kids at Home

This one should be obvious to you, but if it’s not, let us spell it out for you:

Do not bring your kids on a romantic getaway for him

– Science

Kids are amazing, and vacationing with them is the best, but if your goal is to plan the ultimate Newfoundland romantic getaway for him, leave the kids somewhere else. Adults-only resorts and kids-free zones are made for a reason. 

2: Pick a Spot That’s Semi-Remote

Choose a boutique hotel or guesthouse that’s outside the city center and next to a little bit of nature and wilderness. Some of the best Newfoundland Boutique hotels and romantic getaways are in spectacular locations like the Stargazing Hot Tub suites at Whale House and the Fogo Island Inn. Pick a location like this and you’re well on your way to planning the best Newfoundland romantic retreat for him.

3: Call It Anything Besides Romantic if You Want to Get Lucky with Planning a Newfoundland Romantic Getaway for Him

Yes, it’s going to be romantic; just don’t jinx yourself by adding the romance label to your getaway.

When you add the words romantic, it will instantly set expectations higher when maybe you just want to have a romantic adventure together without having to increase anyone’s stress level.

Plan an awesome getaway together, and watch the romance unfold without adding the romantic title to your plans.

4: No Talking About Finances

Want to quench even the strongest of romance flames? Just start talking about money and finances. It’s the ultimate romantic buzz-kill.

People stress about money all the time, so do yourselves a favour and don’t talk about money at all during your ultimate Newfoundland romantic staycation for him. Even if it’s tempting, ask yourself if you really need to bring up your stock portfolio, the price of bitcoin, or your floating-rate mortgage during your Newfoundland romantic adventure with him.

Talk about it later, and if he is the type to talk about money often, set an expectation ahead of time; no talking about work or money during your romantic Newfoundland getaway.

5: Eat Somewhere Amazing, but Don’t Stay Longer than It Takes You to Go Somewhere Else

When planning where to eat during your Newfoundland Romantic retreat for him, pick a spot that has great food and service, but keep the event short and sweet.

Choose a spot that’s close enough to your boutique hotel or guesthouse that you can walk there, and keep the duration limited to two or three courses max.

You want dinner to be relaxing and fun, but you still want to also have energy afterward. Restaurants within walking distance are ideal because you can enjoy that extra cocktail without having to worry about who is driving.

Newfoundland Romantic Boutique Hotels like Whale House Guest House are close to a wine shop, within walking distance of The Fork Restaurant and offer easy access to a variety of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops without having to venture far from your oceanside suite and stargazing hot tub.

PRO TIP: Are you looking for the best restaurants in Witless Bay and close to Whale House Guest House? Check out the Best Restaurants in Witless Bay for the ultimate guide to the best places to eat near Whale House and what restaurants are within walking distance 

6: Don’t Plan Too Many Activities

Yes, it’s cool to plan some activities, but don’t go overboard. Do some research and choose a spot that has some interesting things to see and do in the area, but don’t feel the need to jam-pack your schedule.

The best romantic experiences unfold organically, and part of the best Newfoundland romantic getaway plan for him is making space and time for romance to unfold naturally.

An ideal Newfoundland romantic escape has great options for couples like private outdoor stargazing hot tubs, interesting and accessible east coast trail pathways, on-site snowshoe rentals, restaurants within walking distance, and cultural experiences like Food, Culture, Place, and boat tours within walking distance.

Know what’s available, and book something if you want, but keep your schedule and options somewhat open when planning a Newfoundland romantic retreat for him.

7: Do Not Feel Bad About Never Leaving the Room

If you’ve done your homework and chosen a suite that’s experience-based and perfect, never leaving your room can be a great thing.

All-inclusive Newfoundland romantic hotels like Whale House Guest House near St. John’s, and Fogo Island Inn on Fogo Island offer some of the best suites to hang out in and feel content.

Happy Couple celebrating a romantic night at the Whale House

Whale House Stargazing Hot Tub and Winter Hot Tub Escape suites feature year-round private outdoor hot tubs on private decks overlooking the ocean next to humpback whale feeding grounds, an ideal spot to spend the afternoon with him in the bubbling bliss and warm waters of your private hot tub or stargazing under the night sky in total comfort and zen.

If you’ve chosen a spot with amenities like this, maybe you even want to skip the restaurant and just get the gourmet food delivered directly to your suite. There is nothing wrong with staying in a plush robe for the duration of your romantic escape with him feeling absolutely fine about it. 

8: Plan a Romantic Newfoundland Getaway for Him in The Shoulder Season

Anytime is a good time to plan a Newfoundland romantic getaway, but the shoulder season is one of the best times to choose. Most places are less busy in their off-season, and shoulder season deals on the Best Boutique Hotels in Newfoundland are easier to come by, which means you’re more likely to get the suite you had your heart set on.

9: Choose a Place with Fast Reliable Wi-Fi and Then Put Away Your Phone During Your Romantic Newfoundland Getaway with Him 

You want to make sure the spot you choose for your Newfoundland romantic getaway for him has access to fast wireless internet in case you want to watch Netflix and chill or make that important call without having to drive to the top of the hill just to get a signal, but be sparing with your technology use and only engage your phone if you really need to.

We’re all addicted to our smartphones, and sometimes it’s hard to put them down even when we want to, so challenge yourself to turn off your ringer and actually put your phone away. It’s one of the most romantic things you can do when planning the ultimate Newfoujndflandf romantic escape for him.

10: Eat What You Want and Make Food Part of The Newfoundland Romantic Getaway Experience

If you’ve chosen one of the Best Newfoundland romantic getaways for him you should be within walking distance (or at least within a short drive) of restaurants, wine shops, and food stores, so ordering delivery or popping out for a snack should be easy and stress-free.

When planning your ultimate Newfoundland romantic getaway for him, take a moment to think about snacks and drinks you both really enjoy, and consider bringing some of these with you to your suite.

Does he enjoy a particular craft beer or flavour of cannabis drink? Is there a snack the two of you love that you can see yourselves enjoying during your Newfoundland romantic couples retreat? You don’t have to pack for an expedition, but bringing a few of these along can help take your romantic Newfoundland couple escape to the next level.

11: Indulge in that mimosa, chocolate truffle, or a naughty guilty pleasure – it’s allowed during your Newfoundland romantic getaway for him

Go ahead and indulge. After all, the best Newfoundland romantic getaways are about having fun and doing pleasurable things.

The focus should be on feeling good, so make sure you keep that in mind when planning the top Newfoundland romantic escape for him and see just how amazing you can both feel.

12: Ordering food to your room at least once during your Newfoundland romantic retreat is a great way to relax and enjoy time together

Inclusive Newfoundland boutique hotels and guest houses offer food delivered directly to your suite from a variety of local restaurants. Get the best takeout, desserts, and drinks delivered directly to your hot tub suite and enjoy the pleasure of being catered to. When planning the ultimate Newfoundland romantic hotel stay for him, including at least one delicious meal in your room is a romantic idea.

You’ll be surprised at the options available from top boutique hotels and guest house operators like Whale House. There is a large variety of local, fresh, and tasty food from local restaurants that can be delivered directly to your suite.  

13: Bring a book

Since you’ve committed to putting away your phone and only using it when needed, remembering to bring a book or two is a smart move. Sitting and reading even for a few moments can create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Reading your book and enjoying a cup of coffee while he is fast asleep is a great way to enjoy some quiet time and reset. Don’t underestimate the enjoyment of a good book, great coffee, and breathtaking scenery.

14: Spend some time apart (we know this may sound counterintuitive, but just keep reading)

You may be asking yourself how this makes any sense, but take a moment to appreciate our logic. Yes, when planning a romantic Newfoundland retreat for him spending time together is a key feature, but don’t plan on spending every waking moment together. It’s cool to enjoy the hot tub while he checks out the whale-watching deck, or you can slip out and go for a massage at the spa without feeling he needs to be included. Be sure to include at least a few moments of alone time for each of you during your Newfoundland romantic mini-vacation for him. It will make the experience even more romantic.

15: Book at least two nights to get the best value from your Newfoundland romantic getaway and retreat for him

This isn’t mandatory, but if you really want to feel rejuvenated and refreshed after the best Newfoundland romantic getaway for him, make sure you have enough time to enjoy it. By booking two nights, you can take your time to enjoy everything your suite has to offer while also indulging in some of the local restaurants, activities, or adventures. Nobody wants to feel pressed for time and leaving just when you start to really enjoy yourself can be anticlimactic. Carving out two days can feel like a mini vacation, and will leave your beaming long after you come home together following the best-planned Newfoundland romantic getaway.

16: Keep your plans a surprise, and don’t tell the world ahead of time

If you’re planning the best romantic escape for him, be covert and keep some elements a surprise. If you’re doing the planning it means that he’s not.

Of course involve him so at least he can keep his schedule free for the duration of your Newfoundland romantic getaway for him, but keep the details to yourself. Everyone likes surprises and even the most in-control individuals like to relinquish control sometimes and just go with the flow. It’s super romantic, and can often be a welcomed reversal of roles, so take control, make a plan, and surprise him with the best Newfoundland romantic getaway idea. 

Do you have a Newfoundland romantic getaway idea for him that you think our readers would enjoy? What was the highlight of your most recent Newfoundland romantic couples retreat? Please share your stories in the comments below. We just want you to be happy and we want you to nail it when planning your next Newfoundland romantic getaway for him.

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