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Restaurants near Whale House Guest House


Finding a restaurant near Whale House Guest House is pretty straightforward. The area in and around the Witless Bay Marine Ecological reserve has several options for you to choose from with some outstanding restaurants near witless bay Newfoundland.

Enjoy breakfast at a classic breakfast diner overlooking Witless Bay Beach known for surfing and paddleboarding, eat fish and chips at a restaurant that won the World’s Best Fish and Chips award, or sit down at one of the top restaurants in Newfoundland for the meal of your lifetime, just a 2 min walk from the Whale House Hot Tub Suites. 

Looking for an evening of live music and a vibrant atmosphere? Check out Tapas with live music at the new restaurant and bar in Bay Bulls. These eateries also provide takeout, and some even serve extraordinary desserts. If you prefer, grab your meal to go and savour it in your private outdoor hot tub suite with a breathtaking ocean view. Simply place your order over the phone and collect it when ready.

Breakfast Restaurants Near Whale House

Choose from a classic breakfast diner with a twist like the Irish Loop Coffee House and get a front-row seat in this Witless Bay breakfast restaurant overlooking the ocean. Looking for food on the run? Grab some breakfast sandwiches and doughnuts at the local Tim Hortons. Are you at the Whale House on Saturday or Sunday morning? If yes, treat yourself to the ultimate brunch at The Fork Restaurant and skip driving since The Fork is just a 2 min walk from the hot tub suites.

Irish Loop Coffee House

Less than a 5 min drive from Whale House is the Irish Loop Coffee House. This is a great place to go for breakfast if you’re looking for a classic Newfoundland Diner experience complete with unique teapots, classic breakfast favourites, decent coffee, and a winning view overlooking the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve.

One of our favourite things about the Irish Loop Coffee House is you can enjoy your breakfast overlooking the beach at Witless Bay, and if you come on the right day, you can watch surfers and paddleboarders enjoying the waves. Be sure to check out the outdoor seating on a nice day. We feel a lot of people don’t know about the outdoor seating and how nice it can be when the weather is nice. 

The Irish Loop Coffee House is in Witless Bay only a 4 minute drive from the Whale House Guest House, is a favourite of the local breakfast restaurants.

Tim Hortons

There is a reason why they say most Canadians only have one good arm in the morning. It’s because oftentimes they’re holding a Tim Horton’s Coffee Cup in their other. It’s no secret Canadians love their Tim Horton’s Coffee and are known for also indulging in other pleasures this restaurant chain offers, like sandwiches, soups, doughnuts, bagels, and more. If you’re looking for quick takeout, Tim Hortons is always an option.

The Tim Hortons in Witless Bay restaurant is located less than a 7 min drive from Whale House. Although service is usually speedy, expect a longer wait time during peak hours. During busy times this restaurant is drive-through only, which means you won’t be able to order if you don’t show up in a car. 

The Fork Restaurant

If you find yourself at Whale House on a Saturday or Sunday morning, eating Brunch at The Fork Restaurant in Mobile is a no-brainer. Not only can you walk to the restaurant directly from your hot tub suite, but you can enjoy one of the best-reviewed brunch experiences in Newfoundland right here in the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve. When eating Brunch at The Fork, expect the experience to be awesome and to leave you satisfied beyond your expectations.

If you plan on eating at The Fork Restaurant, be sure to make a reservation. Brunch at The Fork is available Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and we just can’t stop saying great things about it.

Best Restaurants for Dinner and Supper near Whale House Guest House

The Captains Table

The Captain’s Table is a great place for a traditional dinner and supper. This restaurant also has an outstanding Fish and Chips dish that won the best fish and chips in the world award, which makes it worth checking out in and of itself. The Captain’s Table Restaurant is just a 3 min drive from Whale House and offers both eat-in restaurant table service and take-out options on all its menu options.

This makes The Captains Table a great spot near Whale House to sit down for lunch or supper in a classic Newfoundland restaurant or call ahead and pick up your favourite dishes to go.

One of the best-kept secrets of The Captain’s Table in Mobile is their desserts. We feel desserts often get overlooked on the menu of most restaurants, but when eating at the Captain’s Table, you would be crazy not to explore the dessert menu.

The Captain's Table is the mainstay of the area, it's a family favourite of the restaurants near the Whale House Guest House

Arbour Restaurant

The Arbour Restaurant is the new kid on the block offering upscale dining and drinks in a Tapas Bar and lounge-style venue. The Arbour Restaurant is a great spot for evening snacks, drinks, and live music.

The atmosphere can be lively and the vibe is always good. Arbour Restaurant is located in Bay Bulls, just an 8 min drive from Whale House and close to a grocery store and pharmacy. 

Arbour is a lively spot on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland, near the Whale House Guest House

The Fork Restaurant

The reputation of The Fork Restaurant next to Whale House Guest House speaks for itself. I mean, if you haven’t heard of The Fork Restaurant, just do a quick google search and read some of their reviews. The Fork offers the very best Newfoundland Fusion cuisine with only locally sourced seasonal ingredients. All we can say is get your hopes up and be ready to be impressed.

The atmosphere at The Fork is lovely, the service is spot-on, and everything is great, including the cocktails. The Fork is located right next to Whale House Guest House, which means you can walk directly to the restaurant from your oceanside hot tub suite in less than 2 min. It also means you can enjoy that extra cocktail since you can skip driving entirely. 

Fork Restaurant in Mobile one of the award winning restaurants near the Whale House Guest House

Eat in your Boutique Hotel, watch Netflix, and Chill

Date night at the Whale House doesn’t need to include going out to a restaurant and sitting down in a formal dining setting. Going out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the above-listed restaurants close to Whale Hosue Guest House is a lot of fun, but if you just want to escape into the waters of your private outdoor hot tub, watch Netflix, read an entire book, or just otherwise escape the world entirely, we get you. Whale House suites are private and designed with couples in mind.

Everything you need to have a great time is already in your suite, so feel free to pick up a bottle of vino at the wine shop on the corner, pick up some takeout from your favourite restaurant in the area, and don’t forget to thoroughly enjoy the desert. 

Do you have a restaurant close to Whale House that’s your favourite? Is there something on the menu that you enjoyed? Please share your tasty feedback in the comments below.

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