Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

The Jigger Restaurant, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

With the opening of the Jigger in Bay Bulls, this adds another restaurant to the mix of great places to eat in the Bay Bulls, Witless Bay, Mobile, and Witless Bay Ecological Reserve at large. … Read More

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8 Reasons Why Hot Tub Use in Winter Is Good for Your Health

At the Whale House you can enjoy the hot tub all year long. During the cold winter months, soaking in a hot tub gets even better. There are many more benefits than simply thawing your frozen feet. … Read More

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Adult Play and Why It’s Important to Keep It Playful

If the essence of your life isn’t the pursuit of joy and exploration, take a moment to reevaluate what the heck you’re doing. At the very least, be sure to frequently get out from behind your desk or take a deep breath and jump out of your fishbowl so that you can, at least for a moment, look from the outside in. You will be amazed at what you will see and how it will change your perspectives. We just want you to be happy. … Read More

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Christmas Presents

We’re betting against the coal in our stocking that the bulk of what most people received last year doesn’t even make it into their memories, and that’s a shame when you consider the time, energy, and money North Americans spend on Christmas presents every year. … Read More

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12 Christmas Gifts to Avoid Giving at All Costs in 2019

1: Cash Who doesn’t like money? As a child, you probably have some fond memories of opening a birthday card and finding money inside. While it was cool back then, giving money as a Christmas present shows you really didn’t … Read More

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How to Stay Alive when Berry Picking in Newfoundland This Fall

With the cooler autumn temperatures and the trees expressing vibrant fall colours, berry pickers are coming out in droves for the annual bounty of blueberries, blackberries, mushrooms, and dozens of other Newfoundland edible plants that cover Newfoundland’s coastlines and forests. With … Read More

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How to Plan a Perfect Date Night

Are you lusting for the perfect date night? Are you ready to take things to the next level? With a little effort and planning, you can map out the perfect date night. Here are some tips on how to plan a perfect date night. … Read More

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Newfoundland fun Winter Activities, like Backcountry Skiing and more (Photo: Air Canada En Route)

Top 9 Newfoundland Winter Activities in 2020

Looking for some fun activities to do in Newfoundland during the 2020 winter season? Here is our list of our the Top 9 Newfoundland Winter Activities in 2020 … Read More

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Snorkling in Newfoundland

Secret Beaches, Swimming Spots, and Freshwater Paddling Near Whale House Guest House

Looking for a great place to swim and relax on the beach? Want to go snorkeling without having to worry about putting on a wetsuit? The coastline in Newfoundland is beautiful and our ocean beaches are amazing, but if you want … Read More

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Why Do Beluga Whales Keep Hanging Around the South Coast of Newfoundland?

For some reason, beluga whales keep hanging around the south coast of Newfoundland in harbours and just off the whale watching decks of coffee shops. This year, like most years, was a real pleaser for anyone who went whale watching. It’s no secret Newfoundland’s Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve is one of the best palaces to spot whales and other marine mammals that migrate to these rich ocean waters every year, but this whale watching season was extra special. … Read More

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snowshoeing in newfoundland

The Secret Snowshoe Trail to The Spout

So you want to snowshoe to The Spout but are not interested in doing the massive march from the Goulds or Bay Bulls which can make a trip to The Spout a multi-day adventure. You’ve heard it’s possible to access The Spout via a shortcut snowshoe route in the winter that’s not part of the East Coast Trail, but where exactly is the shortcut? This is a closely guarded locals secret, but we’re about to share it with you. … Read More

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Fun Autumn Things to Do This Fall in Newfoundland

Visiting Newfoundland this fall and looking for fun autumn adventures? Here are some fun 2019 Newfoundland fall festivals and activities for you to check out: … Read More

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