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How to Plan the Best Newfoundland Romantic Getaway


Planning the ultimate Newfoundland romantic staycation getaway is easier than you think, but it does take some effort and planning if you want it to truly be memorable. The best romantic getaways aren’t products you buy off the shelf, but rather custom experiences you create. There are lots of tools available to help you along the way, but only you have the power to create the best Newfoundland romantic getaway experience.

PRO TIP: With warm spring and summer weather just around the corner, planning an outdoor picnic in one of the coastal meadows overlooking the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve and Humpback Whale feeding grounds is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Check out our Ultimate Newfoundland Picnic Planning Guide to discover the Best Picnic Spots in Newfoundland.

1: Choose the Right Suite

When booking a romantic getaway, the room should fit your needs. Choosing a suite in a guesthouse or boutique hotel with lots of cuddle options is what you’re looking for. Choose king beds and hot tubs over workstations and kitchenettes. Suites with large views, balconies, and stargazing hot tub options are ideal.

2: Book Your Romantic Getaway in A Place That’s Fun

Now that you’ve found the right suite, be sure there are some key features that go along with it to make your stay fun and exciting. Amenities like outdoor hot tubs, food delivery, and snowshoe hiking trails offer great experiences at your doorstep you can take advantage of on a whim without any additional planning or travel. 

snowshoeing in newfoundland
Whale House Guest House is open year-round and offers the best in luxury boutique hotel-style suites, outdoor hot tubs, dining, and adventures

3: Choose a Romantic Staycation Venue That’s Close to Everything

When planning your Newfoundland romantic getaway be sure to do so in an area that’s close to things like restaurants, outdoor activities, corner stores, wine shops, and coffee shops. You don’t need to be in an urban center, but having a few options close at hand means it’s not an expedition to journey out for a coffee, and ordering food at a moment’s notice is easy and hassle-free.  

4: Be Picky when It Comes to Choosing a Newfoundland Romantic Staycation Rental

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a lot, but you need to be picky when it comes to selecting the right place. When planning your romantic getaway, do some research. Before booking a boutique hotel or guesthouse suite, check out online ratings and reviews. Suites with lots of five-star ratings and excellent reviews offer the best chance of nailing it when navigating how to plan a romantic getaway in Newfoundland. Look at photos, read reviews, and visit websites to get a clear picture of what’s available. Cruise through the Whale House Blog for more information on how to choose the best staycation rentals in Newfoundland.

5: Plan on Incidentals

Being spontaneous is part of even the best-planned romantic getaways and Newfoundland winter staycations, so be prepared for the unexpected by giving yourself a buffer.

Exploring is exciting and the journey is more important than the destination. Plan on doing something that was totally unexpected and unplanned. It’s all part of the adventure.

6: Don’t Plan the Ultimate Newfoundland Romantic Getaway as A Total Surprise

Sure, surprises are fun, but most people have commitments and plans, you may not even know about. Planning someone’s schedule without consulting them can have unexpected consequences leading to unnecessary distractions and anxiousness.

If you want to incorporate an element of surprise, plan the getaway dates together but leave the destination or activities as a surprise. This will let everyone plan their schedule and tieing up loose ends accordingly while still incorporating an element of surprise and mystery in your romantic getaway plans. 

7: Do Newfoundland Staycation Planning and Make the Romantic Getaway Reservations 

Planning the ultimate romantic getaway takes time and effort. Checking dates, calling reservation agents, and finalizing online bookings costs energy. While some people are naturally better planners than others, it truly is a great feeling to have all the details taken care of by someone else. By putting in the effort to plan the ultimate Newfoundland romantic getaway, you show just how much effort and energy you put into things, which in and of itself is truly romantic. 

8: Plan the Additional Logistics Associated with Booking the Ultimate Newfoundland Romantic Retreat Suite

Do you need to book a babysitter or pet daycare while you’re gone? Do you need to address things like car rental, taxi booking, or restaurant reservations?

The more you plan your romantic getaway logistics ahead of time the less you will have to worry about during your romantic getaway. It’s nice to have the logistics taken care of in advance so that you can spend your time focusing on each other. 

9: Turn Your Best Planned Newfoundland Romantic Getaway Into the Ultimate Present

The best research shows giving the gift of an experience is better than gifting things like chocolates or flowers. Experiences are fun, spontaneous, and memorable. Take things to the next level when planning a romantic getaway in Newfoundland by making it feel like an all-inclusive custom vacation.

Some boutique hotels and guesthouses have a customizable gift certificate and ticket option that make it easy to gift your expertly planned romantic getaway to that special someone.  

10: Pump it up

It’s nice to build some excitement and energy around the idea of an ultimate romantic getaway. Without spilling the beans on the romantic getaway planning you’ve been doing, starting some dialogue with your partner about why it would be awesome to plan a getaway together can build some serious excitement around the idea.

This is also a great opportunity to ask your partner what they would like to do during a romantic getaway, giving your valuable insight into your romantic getaways planning. 

11: Let the count down begin

Just like the build-up to Christmas, the count down is a big part of the anticipation and excitement. Cross off the days on a calendar leading up to your romantic getaway booking, talk about why you’re excited, and let the anticipation begin.

Planning one main activity each day is a great way to balance your time

12: Plan for one main activity per day of your romantic staycation getaway

You’re right, we did say being spontaneous is important, and you don’t want to over-plan every moment, but having one main activity to look forward to every day is a good idea.

This can be a walk or snowshoe on the east coast trail, brunch at a restaurant that’s walking distance from your suite, or a visit to a point of interest in the local area. At least have a few backup options on daily activities to keep things fun and exciting.

13: Figure out What Your Partner Likes and Do More of That Stuff

If you’ve carefully followed this planning guide up until this point, you already know what your partner would like to do on a romantic getaway.

Now, simply take that information and plan more of what they like, and less (or none) of what they don’t like.

14: Bring Treats to Enjoy in Your Suite

Lots of imperfections can be ignored, but hunger and thirst cannot. No matter how much planning you put into the best Newfoundland romantic getaway, lack of food and drink will quickly extinguish any romantic flames. Front run any potential food stress by bringing ample food and drinks, ones you know your partner will love.

Food planning is more important than you think when it comes to organizing the ultimate Newfoundland romantic getaway staycation, so ensure you spend ample time planning this element. Skip cooking and choose easy-to-prepare food and drinks. Go for items you know will be a hit, and bring more of everything than you think you’ll need. Do research to understand foods your partner enjoys the most and focus on those. If your food and drink are great, odds are everything else will be too. 

If your sweet is a fan of chocolate, skip the generic box of chocolates from Sobey’s and go for the good stuff from Newfoundland Chocolate Factory for some of the very best locally-made artisan chocolates in Newfoundland

Located next to Whale House Guest House, Fork Restaurant and The Captain’s Table offer some of the best food options in the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve, including the most loved deserts on the Avalon Penninsula that can be experienced in the restaurant or taken to-go and enjoyed in your suite.  

15: Add Extra Touches

Plush slippers, robes, and breakfast in bed are classic things you can do to increase the amplitude of your romantic getaways. Keep things focused on the experience, and think outside the box when being creative. Cozy blankets, books, flameless candles, and massage oil are all good items to bring in your basket of goodies.  

16: Ditch Your Phone, or At Least Set It to “do Not Disturb”

If you can take a technology break, do it. Leading research shows taking a break from technology like our smartphones can be one of the best things we can do for our mental health. If a total technology detox isn’t in the cards, do your best to limit constantly checking your phone, and really think hard before deciding to take a work call or catch up or emails.

We are all on our phones far too much, often picking them up and checking them for no apparent reason. As part of your romantic getaway planning, challenge yourself to some technology boundaries and resist the urge to engage with your smartphone.

Not only will this clearly show the other person your priority is spending time with them over staring at a smartphone screen waiting for the next command, but it will also help you detox a little from bad technology habits, something that can be incredibly good for your mental health and well being. 

Packing for a trip? Just pack the good stuff, and if you’ve been thinking of sporting a new style, this is a great time to do it.

17: Bring Clothes that Make You Feel Amazing

Dress in the clothes that make you feel great. Just bring the good stuff, including underwear, and leave the rest at home. The best romantic getaways are special occasions, so dress the part. 

18: Little Things Go a Long Way

Small things make a big difference, like opening the car door, holding hands, and stargazing under the moonlight. Be sure to pay attention and don’t overlook these golden opportunities. 

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  1. we are just starting our plans to visit Newfoundland in Sept. all these ideas sound wonderful. I would really like some idea of specific places to see & stay. We also would benefit having some idea of cost. Truly looking forward to this trip & spending our anniversary in this special part of our country.My Wife & I are getting older so this will probably be our last big trip so I really want to make this a trip we will always look back on as the best we ever had. WAYNE

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