World’s Best Picnic Spot: Cribbies Meadow

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Not only does the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve offer some of the best restaurants like The Fork, Captain’s Table, Pond House, and The Jigger, but it also has the best picnic spot in the world, and this spot is easier to get to than you think.

Ultimate Picnic spot on the East Coast Trail

When you hike the East Coast Trail Tinker’s Point Path From Whale House Guest House in Mobile to Tors Cove you end up at Cribbies Meadow, the world’s best picnic spot. On a nice day, there’s nothing better than relaxing in the meadow at Cribbies. 

Overlooking Fox Island in the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve, Cribbies Meadow offers the best view of the Protected Marine Reserve from land and is an outstanding place to look for whales.

Wayne Barrett & Anne MacKay's Photo of the trail to Cribbies in Tors Cove
Wayne Barrett & Anne MacKay’s Photo of the trail to Cribbies in Tors Cove

Bringing binoculars or a telescope to Cribbies Meadow will probably mean you’ll end up spending hours looking at the sheep on Fox Island and spend even more time marveling at rare seabirds that surround Ship Island and Great Island.

Cribbies Meadow is the site of a former 17th-century settlement here on the Avalon Penninsula. It’s not hard to imagine why generations of people find this place attractive.

Beautify captured Cribbies Photo by Barrett and MacKay
Beautify captured Cribbies Photo by Barrett and MacKay

If you want to visit Cribbies Meadow without hiking the Tinkers Point East Coast Trail Hike, it’s easy to:

  • drive to Tors Cove,
  • park at the old church, and
  • walk down the coastal pathway for 5 min.

The Meadow is just a short walk from your parking spot at the Tors Cove Church and is a gem that’s often overlooked when visiting the Ecological Reserve. Be sure to pack out whatever you pack in and look for wild cranberries and partridgeberries that grow throughout the meadow in the late summer and fall. 

the prefect picnic location in Tors Cove
the prefect picnic location in Tors Cove

Want to explore even more of Tors Cove? Take a walk to Running The Goat Press and see one of the most unique bookstores in Newfoundland that specializes in short-run rare books that will make the most discerning book lover drool. The shop is complete with a printing press and one of the friendliest book shop owners we have ever met.

Looking for Fairies? Fairy Door Tours offers walkabouts and tours throughout tors cove. One of the cutest walking tours we have ever seen. 

Have you has a picnic at Cribbies Meadow, Visited Running the Goat Press in Tors Cove, or been lucky enough to participate in the Tors Cove Fairy Door Tour? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. 

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