The Secret Snowshoe Trail to The Spout

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The regular hike to The Spout, the Shoal Bay Road (Goulds) to Bay Bulls East Coast Trail Path, is over 17km long, not something most people do in one day, but this secret snowshoe shortcut to The Spout takes just over 6 kilometers each way, making it an easy day-trip for most people. This overland snowshoe route to the Spout is not a part of the East Coast Trail and involves travel through the open backcountry. This snowshoe route starts in the community of Middle Pond. Since this route crosses several bogs and ponds, is only easily navigable in winter. This is an unmarked route, which means you will have to navigate with your map or GPS to ensure you’re on the right track. 

Since this route is mostly through open terrain, there is a wide margin for error. Eventually, you will reach the East Coast Trail which you can use to navigate the last part of the way to The Spout. Saying this, weather conditions can change in Newfoundland quickly and open areas are prone to whiteout conditions.

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This is one of our favorite winter snowshoe routes. If you have done this route before, please let us know about your adventure in the comments below. 

3 Responses to “The Secret Snowshoe Trail to The Spout”

  1. Laurel Murray says:

    I am very interested in hiking this but I can not find the map or link. Its just a picture. Can someone send me the right map or link with the trial!

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