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Port aux Basques Ferry Crossing from Newfoundland


🆕Learn More about getting to Newfoundland and the New Ferry!

How to Take the Marine Atlantic Newfoundland Ferry to Port Aux Basques

Foot passengers at the Newfoundland Ferry Terminal can relax in the foot passenger lounge before boarding the ferry to Newfoundland
Relax in the foot passenger lounge before boarding the ferry to Newfoundland

If you’re looking to take the shortest and most affordable ferry crossing to Newfoundland from Nova Scotia, the sailing will leave North Sydney, Nova Scotia, and arrive in Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland.Don’t let the term “short” fool you, however, because this sailing still takes between 6 to 8 hours depending on wind and sea state.

What Community Does the Short Ferry to Newfoundland Arrive In?

The Port Aux Basques ferry takes you to the community of Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland, a small community on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland. Not only is this ferry the shortest, but it’s also the only year round ferry, which means in the off season, it’s the only ferry available.

What Other Ferry Service Connects Nova Scotia with Newfoundland?

Looking to take the ferry to Newfoundland and want to know more about what ferry to take to Newfoundland? Check out our Newfoundland ferry news feed with everything you need to know about how to book Newfoundland ferry travel. This Newfoundland Ferry webpage offers some insider tips for you to use at the Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal and during you voyage at sea. Our blog post is jam-packed with Newfoundland ferry news and details that guests at the Whale House Guest House find helpful when planning their stay with us. If you notice some helpful information that isn’t covered and you think it would be useful for people travelling on the Newfoundland ferry, please let us know and we will include it in our how to get to Newfoundland by ferry webpage.

Book Newfoundland Ferry Phone Number 

You can always book online, and most people do, but if you’re in the mood for a friendly chat instead you can call the Marine Atlantic Newfoundland Ferry Booking phone number toll free and speak to a real person. This is especially good if you want to make or change your reservation on your hands free device while driving. 

Can I Charge My Ev at The Newfoundland Ferry?

Yes, you can charge your EV for free at the Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal while you’re waiting to board the ferry. Many Newfoundland hotels with EV chargers will let you charge your EV for free even if you’re not a guest, and are an excellent choice when looking for a EV friendly hotel booking.

You can also indulge in some classic Newfoundland and Atlantic Canadian cuisine in the food court while your electric vehicle is charging at the Newfoundland ferry terminal. Be sure to check out the retro pinball games, too, right in the marine Atlantic food court area. Additional and rapid charging including CHADEMO and CSS connectors are available in North Sydney on the Nova Scotia side and in Port Aux Basques on the Newfoundland side.

Can I Sleep on The Ferry to Newfoundland without A Sleeping Cabin?

No cabin? No problem! If you’re taking the ferry without a cabin, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with some pro tips on how to travel comfortably, including what to bring and where to catch some shut-eye. Just make sure to book early if you want a private cabin – they go fast! We actually have a dedicated post explaining how to sleep on the Newfoundland ferry without a cabin complete with best seats to choose, how to pay a little extra for seats in the private glass enclosed lounge, secret marine Atlantic ferry amenities, and more.

Just make sure to book early if you want a private cabin – they go fast!

The Newfoundland ferry terminal even has a dog park
The Newfoundland Ferry terminal even has a dog park

What Can I Do on The Ferry to Newfoundland?

With restaurants, car decks, lounge areas, movie rooms, air seats, games areas, and private cabins available for rent, the ferry to Newfoundland is a unique experience that you won’t want to miss.

The ferry ride to Newfoundland is an experience like no other! To make the most of your trip, be sure to check out all the amenities.

The Newfoundland Ferry Food Court 

There are plenty of options to choose from, including Newfoundland and Atlantic Canadian cuisine. The ferry has a sit down option that’s half fancy and a regular cafeteria service option. Don’t forget about the coffee shop and snack bar on the ferry to Newfoundland, which is also always open and serves fresh coffee, sandwiches, pizza, and drinks.

The coffee shop and snack bar on the ferry to Newfoundland

So whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the ferry ride to Newfoundland is sure to be an adventure! Did you know, starting in 2024 a new Newfoundland ferry, the Ala’suinu, has joined the fleet? This ship has a lower ecological footprint, updated cabins, and improved comforts throughout. Servicing the ferry crossing to Argentina Newfoundland in the summer and the regular Port Aux Basques crossing in the off season (both departing from North Sydney, Nova Scotia) be sure to choose a seat on the new Newfoundland ferry when making your next Newfoundland ferry reservation.

Is the Newfoundland Ferry Big?

An example of the standard lounge available to all passengers on the ferry to Newfoundland from Nova Scotia

Yes, the Newfoundland ferry is big. All the ferries that service the ferry crossing between North Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland (both Argentina and Port Aux Basques) are large vessels. The ferry to Newfoundland is 5 or more levels with restaurants, car decks, lounge areas, movie rooms, air seats, games areas, and even private cabins available for rent complete with showers and beds.

PRO TIP: want a private cabin? Book early to avoid disappointment when booking the ferry to Newfoundland. The private cabins on the Newfoundland ferry are limited and highly sought after, especially those on the new vessel called the Ala’suinu

Whatever way you choose to come to Newfoundland, be it sea or air (because land isn’t an option) we want you to have a great trip over and a fantastic stay while you are here. We just want you to be happy.

All the ferries that service the ferry crossing between Sydney, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (both Argentina and Port Aux Basques) are large vessels.
All the ferries that service the ferry crossing between Sydney, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (both Argentina and Port Aux Basques) are large vessels.

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