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Summer 2022 Newfoundland Smart Travel Tips, Tricks, and Hacks


By now, there’s no doubt Newfoundland Come Home Year 2022 is building to be the biggest travel year of all time. Because Summer 2022 in Newfoundland is the official Newfoundland Come Home Year, bookings are through the roof, competition for hotel nights is fierce, and the energy is high.

Come Home Year 2022
Come Home Year 2022

I mean honestly, who isn’t itching to go on a trip. It’s in our nature to get out there and explore. Pent-up Newfoundland travel demand is exploding, with no better time to visit Newfoundland and Labrador than now.

It’s also the best time to deploy all your 2022 smart travel techniques to ensure your Newfoundland summer vacation is the best. Looking for the best Summer 2022 Newfoundland Smart Travel Tips, Tricks, and Hacks? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

PRO TIP: Planning a date night at Whale House? Check out our Whale House Guest House Date Night FAQ for the ultimate romantic planning guide.

Tips on Booking Newfoundland Air Travel and Rental Cars

Newfoundland is serviced by three major airports, the largest being St. John’s International Airport (YYT). You can also fly to Gander International Airport (YQX) and Deer Lake Regional Airport (YDF).

If you’re heading to St. John’s, the capital city, or to the Avalon Peninsula, St. John’s International Airport is an obvious choice, but sometimes you may find you can’t get a rental car there on the dates you want, or flights are significantly cheaper to Gander International Airport or Deer Lake Regional Airport.

As a smart traveller, be sure to research and check out the whole picture before you chose what airport you’re flying to. Securing a car rental after you land is a great way to maximize your mobility when exploring and adventuring in Newfoundland. If you’re planning to rent a car at the airport, but the one you’re thinking of flying to is sold out, bend like a reed and see if one of the other airports has a rental car for you.

The same goes for price hunting airfare. Even if you planned exclusively on visiting the East Coast of Newfoundland, flying into Gander and road-tripping east can take you through Iceberg Ally and Terra Nova National Park on your way to the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland’s Capital City of St. John’s, and the Southern Shore Irish Loop. Another alternative is Deer Lake Airport, located at the gateway to Gros Morne National Park, UNESCO sites like L’anse aux Meadows (the oldest Viking settlement in North America), and Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. There’s a whole heck of a lot to see and do along the way too, so even if you have your heart set on the East Coast Trail, Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve, and the Stargazing Hot Tubs at Whale House, be flexible and do your wholistic trip planning when it comes to booking rental cars and airfare.

Rental Cars are really Hard to get in peak season - make sure you call ahead
Don’t wait to book a rental car, and if they’re all sold out, deploy some of these Newfoundland Travel Tips, Tricks, and Hacks. You can also rent a car in Nova Scotia and just drive it on the ferry

How to Score a Rental Car in Newfoundland when they’re all Seemingly Sold Out

If you’re still struggling to secure a rental car in Newfoundland after following the above tips, another option is to look at renting something non-traditional, like a small pickup truck or miniature moving/cargo van from one of the moving and truck rental agencies like Enterprise Truck Rental or U-Haul. It may not be the exact vehicle you’re looking for, but it’s an option that’s worked out for many savvy travellers and is worthwhile checking into if you’re stuck.

Got an Electric Vehicle (EV)? How does a rapid charger every 70km sound?

The EV charging network in Newfoundland is one of the best in Atlantic Canada. Don’t let the remoteness and vastness fool you. Along the Trans Canada Highway, you can enjoy rapid chargers for electric vehicles every 70km.

You can also find a large amount of level two and level three EV chargers throughout Newfoundland, many of which are free, like the Free Public EV Charger at Whale House Guest House, so fear not brave EV traveller, you can charge your Electric Vehicle along the way without range anxiety or having your battery go unsafely low.  

PRO TIP: How to charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) in Newfoundland Outport Communities 

Charging your Electric Vehicle (EV) at the local wharf in Newfoundland
Newfoundland has a large and reliable Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network, but in a pinch, you can charge at the local wharf

Did you know that, in a pinch, any commercial fishing wharf in most Newfoundland outport communities can double as an EV charger? Also, if you have an adapter, any stove or dryer outlet can also deliver 7kwh charging. RV sites and Campsites also have high power outlets you can use to charge your EV in just a few hours, which means you can truly go anywhere. Be sure to bring some adapters with you, like a NEMA 14-50, to maximize your off-the-beaten-path EV charging options in Newfoundland.

How to Book Travel on the Newfoundland Ferry

Are you planning to travel to Newfoundland on the Marine Atlantic Ferry? Before booking, understand there are two main ferries servicing Newfoundland, and their ferry terminals are 900km apart from one another, so you want to ensure you book the correct ferry.

Boking Accommodations? Chose wisely and book early!

There are a lot of fantastic accommodations in Newfoundland, but just like any place, some are better than others.

If you do your research and book in advance, you’ll have the best chance of scoring a deal and booking a place that’s perfect for you.

Blue Whale Private Hot Tub Deck
The Stargazing Hot Tubs at Whale House Guest House offer a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world

Choosing accommodations in Newfoundland that are close to what you want to see and do is important, and the Best Newfoundland Boutique Hotels and Guesthouses offer much more than four walls and a roof, so if whale watching and iceberg viewing from your seaside private deck or stargazing from your own outdoor hot tub overlooking humpback whale feeding grounds sound good to you, don’t settle for less. Finding the Best Hotels near St. John’s is easy when you do a little research and take your time.

Forget about being shy. If you want something, just ask. What’s being shy ever done for you anyway?

The Locals in Newfoundland are super hospitable. Most of them just want you to be happy. If you’ve always wanted to try moose for the first time or discover what it’s like inside one of those colourful coastal fishing stages, just ask one of the locals.

Fork Menu
The Fork Restaurant is popular with any foodie visiting Newfoundland. Don’t take our word for it, just read their reviews. Be sure to make a reservation well in advance.

The odds are they will be more than happy to show you around (and then some). The same goes for special requests when booking hotels, suites, cabins, and guesthouses in Newfoundland. Do you want early check-in or late check-out? Do you want your favourite drinks already in the fridge chilling upon your arrival? Do you need help making that last moment dinner reservation at The Fork Restaurant but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Just ask, and you’ll be surprised at the bounty that comes your way. The food at The Fork Restaurant is amazing by the way.  

Deploying your best Summer 2022 Newfoundland Smart Travel Tips, Tricks, and Hacks will go a long way when planning your 2022 Newfoundland Vacation. Remember, this year is the Newfoundland Wide Come Home Year, which hasn’t happened since 1966, so better get your ducks in a row now and get ready for one of the best opportunities you’ll ever get to discover Newfoundland.

Do you have a Newfoundland smart travel tip, trick, or hack you would like to share with us? Post your best Newfoundland Travel Tips and Advice in the comments below.

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