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How to book a five-star Newfoundland vacation rental AND have a five-star experience


Are you looking to book a five-star Newfoundland vacation rental and want to ensure the experience you have with it is also five-star? If so, you’re going to want to keep a few things in mind when searching for the very best five-star Newfoundland vacation rentals, boutique hotels, guesthouses, and weekend holiday retreats.

Regardless of if you’re a first-time visitor to Newfoundland and want to ensure your experience is top-notch, or you’re the most local of locals looking for a weekend getaway or holiday retreat, the same advice applies.

Experience Matters

important things to note when travelling in newfoundland

Staying in a five-star oceanside suite is fine, but a five-star experience is what people really want. Everyone likes to feel good and have fun, so it’s important to keep that the focus when booking your next five-star oceanside suite or weekend getaway retreat.

Do a little planning

You don’t have to plan out every detail when it comes to your retreat, and it’s great to be spontaneous, but you will have to do some.

Details like activities, amenities, and food all matter when it comes to planning the perfect experience. Below is a checklist of things you really want to nail when booking a Newfoundland five-star vacation rental:

Suite Layout and Design

You found a five-star suite you really like, but did you ensure the configuration is what you really want? If you had your heart set on an oceanside deck or balcony, it’s important to make sure the suite you chose has one. Is the bed the right size? If you want a giant bed, take the time to make sure your suite has a king bed, and go over the details.

Access to wifi and Connectivity

Taking a break from technology is a wonderful idea, but most of the time you want that break to be on your own terms. Finding yourself in a suite without any access to WiFi or cellular service can put a damper on your experience when you find yourself needing to connect. Be sure to check what the connectivity situation is before booking your next five-star Newfoundland vacation rental.

The best guesthouses and boutique hotels offer reliable, fast, and unlimited wireless internet, which means you can stay disconnected if you like, but you can also stream movies, facetime with family and friends, and feel confident you can connect easily whenever you want. Nobody wants to leave their retreat to drive to the top of the hill just to check their voicemail.

Is your five-star vacation rental close to five-star restaurants?

Food is a big part of any five-star vacation rental experience. Unless you’re a chef and prepared to cook up everything during your stay, you’re going to take comfort in knowing awesome food is accessible close to your five-star Newfoundland oceanside retreat or weekend holiday rental. Checking into your Newfoundland five-star vacation rental just to have to turn around and drive 30 min to get food is less than ideal.

Food is super important when it comes to having a five-star experience. Have you ever tried to have an important conversation when you’re starving? It’s just not a good idea, so be sure to find out what the skinny is when it comes to access to restaurants before confirming your next five-star Newfoundland getaway or holiday vacation rental. Choose a spot that gives you various close-by options for food and beverage. The Best Newfoundland Boutique Hotels and Guesthouses feature at least one restaurant within walking distance and various others within a five-minute dive.

If you like Coffee, a five-star experience includes coffee

If you or your travel partner like coffee, make sure there is access to coffee. Have you ever tried to have a good with a coffee lover while depriving them of coffee? Science has proven that it’s actually impossible for a coffee drinker to have a five-star experience without having access to good coffee, so take a moment to ensure you’re Newfoundland five-star hotel or vacation rental has access to good coffee.

The best Newfoundland five-star vacation rentals have in-suite organic coffee with a coffee shop or two in close proximity. Before confirming your next Newfoundland vacation rental, check to make sure it’s fit for a coffee aficionado.

Adventures, activities, and fun things to do

Enjoying the comforts of a five-star vacation rental can be really nice. Everyone likes to kick back and relax. Equally though, it’s important to have access to some activities, adventures, and fun things to do during your stay. This doesn’t mean you have to be next to the bungee jump tower, but it’s a good idea to ensure you are close to a place that has fun things to see and do.

Everyone likes things that are interesting and fun, so be sure to check and see if there are five-star activities and adventures close to your five-star accommodation.

The best Newfoundland vacation rentals and holiday retreats are close to things like the Most popular East Coast Trail Hikes and coastal paths, World UNESCO sites, beaches, and Whale Watching Tours. You don’t have to leave your five-star suite retreat if you don’t want to, but you’ll feel much better booking a place that has options. 

Demand five-star amenities when booking your five-star Newfoundland vacation rental

It’s essential to know what to demand when booking a Newfoundland Vacation Rental and amenities certainly fall into this category. If you have plans on stargazing, having an outdoor deck overlooking the ocean or big glass windows surrounding your bed is a key feature you won’t want to miss out on. Do you like to barbecue outside next to the ocean?

Be sure to select a five-star suite or ocean-side retreat that has this as one of its amenities. Take your time when searching and choose a spot that has everything you want because it’s ok to be picky when choosing a boutique hotel or five-star Newfoundland vacation rental. The best Newfoundland vacation rentals and weekend getaways nail it when it comes to amenities. 

Is your suite really private?

. Before confirming your Newfoundland vacation rental or weekend five-star retreat, do some research and make sure you understand how the entrance works.

Is your suite totally private and self-contained? Do you really have an outdoor entrance that is private and just for you?

Is it easy to come and go at any time of the day or night? Top-rated Newfoundland Boutique Hotels and five-star vacation rentals ensure guests have totally private outdoor entrances and suites that are 100% self-contained, private, and just for you. 

Choose a five-star Newfoundland accommodation with self-check-in

We’ve all experienced the drag of arriving excited to a five-star Newfoundland boutique hotel or guest house just to have to wait in line to check in. With self-check-in now the standard at the best five-star accommodations in Newfoundland, there’s no reason why you should have to wait in line ever again. Top-rated guesthouses and vacation rental properties offer total self-check-in where you simply get a number code sent to your phone via text and email.

You then use this code when you show up to open the door to your suite. Just arrive, open the door, and enjoy. No keycards or keys to lose, and no awkward conversations with the bell-hop and booking and enquires clerks at a time when you just want to go to your suite end enjoy.  

Did you check out the reviews before booking your accommodation? Be sure to pick a Newfoundland vacation rental with five-star reviews when booking your five-star suite

Today it’s easy to get an idea of what a place is like by reading its online reviews. Because reviews come from a large cross-section of the population, it’s worth diving in and reading reviews before booking your next five-star Newfoundland holiday rental. If everyone says the suite is amazing, it probably is.

If everyone says the hot tub suite is worth splurging for, it probably is. And if everyone says one of the local restaurants is a lot better than the other, that’s probably true too. There are always bound to be a few off-colour reviews at any well-reviewed establishment but if the bulk of reviews are positive and in line with what you like, you can usually feel confident about booking. 

If you can get a suite with a private outdoor hot tub, do it

Outdoor hot tubs are always massively popular whenever you’re booking a suite anywhere in the world. Suites with private outdoor hot tubs (totally different from jacuzzi tubs) are rare and usually booked for good reasons. After all, who doesn’t love to soak in the steamy waters and enjoy the bubbling bliss of an outdoor hot tub?

But did you know there are extra special reasons to book a suite with an outdoor hot tub when searching for the perfect Newfoundland five-star vacation rental and luxury oceanside retreat? With cooler temperatures in the evening, cold crisp winter days, and an ocean playground filled with whales and icebergs, having that steamy hot tub at your private disposal makes it possible to do fun stuff like sunbathe in the middle of winter, watch whales from your coastal hot tub, and spend hours stargazing outside on a January night while perfectly comfortable in the steamy waters of your own private oceanside hot tub.

Relax in your private hot tub by the sea
Relax in your private hot tub by the sea a the Whale House Guest House

Top Newfoundland Boutique Hotels like Whale House Guest House specialize in Stargazing Hot Tubs and Winter Hot Tub Escapes catered towards those that understand and appreciate just how amazing this special amenity is. If you’re unfamiliar with Stargazing Hot Tubs or have never had the chance to book a Newfoundland vacation rental with a hot tub we highly recommend it.

Do you have any top tips or demands when booking a Newfoundland five-star vacation rental with a five-star experience? Have you had a five-star experience in a Newfoundland boutique hotel that exceeded your expectations? Let us know about your best five-star Newfoundland vacation rental secrets and experiences in the comments below. We want to hear from you, and we want you to be happy.

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