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Best Romantic Hotels near St. John’s Newfoundland


What is the best Romantic Hotel near St. John’s?

Couples getaways are fantastic opportunities to connect and enjoy spending time together. These can be involved and planned out, like a big vacation, but they don’t have to be. Short spur-of-the-moment couples retreats are increasingly becoming popular as an accessible mini-getaway.

With some great places to choose from and the ability to sometimes book last minute and score deals on hotels near St. John’s, it’s easier than ever to book an oceanside boutique hotel with a hot tub or eco-reserve private ocean suite with a wood-fired sauna overlooking the ocean.

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s essential to consider a few things when hunting for the best romantic hotel couples retreats near St. John’s.

Best Romantic Hotels Near St. John’s Newfoundland

Make your couples retreat an adventure, but don’t go too far

Part of the adventure when planning a couples getaway near St. John’s is choosing a hotel or guesthouse outside the city. Book a romantic hotel near St. John’s far enough to make it feel like a couple’s adventure, but not so far you get tired of driving. A 30 min drive is an ideal distance from town to feel like you’re escaping without spending your time, money, and carbon credits on the drive (unless you’re driving an EV of course, at which point you will want to search out a Romantic Hotel near St. John’s with EV Charger.

Top Romantic Hotels near St. John’s overlooking the ocean

Storm-watching from a cozy boutique hotel near St. John’s overlooking the ocean is about as romantic as it gets. Specialty guesthouses and hotel retreats on the Avalon Pennensula Southern Shore are within thirty minutes of St. John’s, with the most popular ones situated directly within the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve, one of the best places for whale watching, rare birds, and East Coast Trail access.

With a view of the ocean, you can feel like you’re on the edge of the universe when stargazing at night.

The Best Couples Retreat Hotels near St. John’s offer key amenities you’re not going to want to live without

Amenities matter whenever you’re booking a hotel near St. John’s. When searching for the best hotel for couples near St. John’s, Newfoundland, you’re going to want to consider amenities, even more, when choosing where to stay.

Business travellers may not spend much time hanging around their suite, but a couples retreat is different, which is precisely why amenities play a big role when booking a couples getaway near St. John’s Newfoundland. An outdoor sauna or a hot tub on a private deck overlooking the ocean can really take your romantic hotel near St. John’s booking to the next level.

Stargazing from an outdoor hot tub while snowflakes fall softly into your glass is much more enjoyable than looking out the window. Romantic oceanside hotels in the eco-reserve are free of light pollution, making it easy to see stars and strips of constellations that are impossible to view from the city.

Top Romantic Boutique Hotels near St. John’s offer an unparalleled private romantic experience close to everything

If you want to nail it when planning a romantic couple’s retreat in a Boutique Hotel near St. John’s Newfoundland, in addition to paying close attention to the romantic hotel you choose, you’re also going to want to pay close attention to how close your romantic hotel is to things like restaurants, coffee shops, wine shops, tours, and shopping.

Even if your idea of a romantic escape close to St. John’s is going for total seclusion, you can check this box while still choosing a place that’s within walking distance to restaurants and close to other amenities.

The sweet spot is choosing a couples retreat hotel that offers all the privacy and seclusion yet makes it easy for you to pop out and get that extra bottle of wine, snacks, or coffee without having it be a major expedition.

With a restaurant within walking distance, you can leave the car at your hotel, enjoy that extra cocktail, and walk back to your suite without the hassle and logistics of arranging transportation, a huge benefit when looking to keep your couples romantic hotel retreat booking simple, fun, and easy. 

Romantic Hotels near St. John’s offer special services you won’t find anywhere else

We just want you to be happy

– Whale House Guest House

‘We just want you to be happy’“‘ is our core message at Whale House Guest House,” says Experience Specialist Amanda Penton as she goes over special requests for upcoming bookings at this popular Boutique Hotel near St. John’s.

When planning a date night, romantic getaway, or couples retreat near St. John’s, we’re always looking to accommodate guests to the max.” When asked about special requests and services that set Whale House apart from other accommodation providers Penton quickly answers.

We understand our guests, and we see it all, from simple requests like early check-in and late check-out to in-suite flowers, pre-stocked refrigerators with a guest’s favourite snacks and drinks, star lights and rose peddles, specialty wine, cannabis drinks, art displays, and custom suite set-up orientation.

Because each oceanside suite is private complete with an outdoor hot tub overlooking the ocean and eco-reserve, we get a lot of couples looking for a romantic retreat”. As Amanda takes another telephone booking for a Whale House VIP guest, she asks them about their supper plans and offers to make a reservation for them at The Fork Restaurant, a popular five-star restaurant next to Whale House Boutique Hotel.

Most guests don’t realize how quickly tables fill up at popular restaurants like The Fork, Captain’s Table, and Arbour, so I’m always looking out to ensure guests have the best experience possible from the moment they book. We want them to be happy“.  

Bonus Tips to ensure your Romantic Hotel Booking near St. John’s is a Five Star couples adventure

1: Do Something Selfless and Intentional:

Is there something your partner detests doing, like packing, planning, or driving? Seek out what this is and do it for them. A romantic hotel stay is a great opportunity to break our regular roles and routines, so think outside the box and look for that selfless act to start your couples retreat in a romantic hotel near St. John’s off on the right foot.

2: Make it Physical:

Touch and intimacy is important in all healthy romantic relationships. This doesn’t mean you need to hit a home run right away, but planning a little time together in the hot tub on arrival, getting a couples massage, or holding hands while stargazing all meet this mark. You’re here to be together, so ensure you do exactly that. 

3: Be Present and Together:

By virtue of booking a romantic hotel retreat near St. John’s, you’re already planning to spend time together. It’s easy, though, to drift off into online shopping, Instagram, and Facebook. We’re not saying leave your phone at home, but stay present and check yourself if you find yourself diverging from your prime objective. Keep the focus on spending time together as a couple. 

4: Bring a Gift:

This can be major, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be as simple as remembering to bring your partner’s favourite chocolate or tickets to a local event you know they will enjoy. It’s the thought that counts, and being thoughtful is a great way to start your romantic hotel booking near St. John’s.

5: Positive Vibrations:

Say all the good stuff. Tell your partner how much you appreciate them, and why you love spending time with them, and help them remember just how awesome you are. 

6: Keep Conversation Light and Breezy:

Unless you want to watch the ultimate quenching of a romantic flame, be mindful of the things you talk about during a romantic couples retreat in a boutique hotel near St. John’s. We get it, life is busy, and it’s often hard to carve out time to talk about the important things, but this ain’t it. The romantic retreat is about romance, so unless it’s romantic or otherwise designed to make the other person feel good, upload that thought to the cloud for later and re-read this article in its entirety,

Do you have any pro tips on how to nail the best couples retreat hotel booking near St. John’s? Please post your hot date night tips in the comments below. We want to hear from you and, above all, we just want you to be happy.  

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