Top 9 Newfoundland Winter Activities in 2020

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Looking for some fun activities to do in Newfoundland during the 2020 winter season? Here is our list of our the Top 9 Newfoundland Winter Activities in 2020:

1: Downhill Skiing at White Hills Resort

This ski resort is just two hours from St. John’s and is an ideal ski hill for families and beginners. With a high-speed four-person ski lift and lots terrain for beginner and intermediate terrain, this ski hill is non-intimidating and suited for a relaxed time cruising. Experienced skiers and snowboarders will also enjoy the terrain park and black diamond runs. 

2: Backcountry Skiing in the Tableland Mountains

The Tableland Mountains in Gros Morne National Park offer world-class backcountry skiing opportunities. This secret little gem, located in the heart of Gros Morne National Park on the stretch of road between Woody Point and Trout River, offers alpine-style backcountry skiing at a lower elevation. Ski long valleys, deep alpine bowls, and big open meadows. Experience a 2000′ high 100 square kilometer alpine plateau, and enjoy some sweet powder turns on the way down. This trip is for experienced backcountry skiers and involves travel through avalanche terrain. 

Being Happy in the Winter
Winter doesn’t have to bring you down

3: Resort Skiing at Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain just outside Corner Brook, Newfoundland, offers the best resort-style skiing in Newfoundland and Labrador. As far as east coast mountains go, Marble Mountain is one of the best, featuring a big mix of ski terrain, three ski lifts, a terrain park, full-service lodge, and lots of apres skiing activities. Marble gets lots of powder, has some decent ski runs, and something for everyone. Enjoy glade skiing through the trees, do some moves at the terrain park, or cruise the peak to valley easy green run as you work your confidence up. We can’t say enough good things about Marble Mountain. It’s a fantastic ski hill. 

4: Newfoundland Snowshoe Adventure

With a pair of snowshoes strapped to your feet, you can go pretty much anywhere. Without the snowshoes, you would sink waist-deep into the snow that blankets the hills and valleys, but with snowshoes, you float effortlessly on top of the fluffy snow, making exploring easy and fun. At Whale House Guest House in the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve, you can sign-out a free pair of snowshoes from the guesthouse for the morning or afternoon and explore the area in and around the Tinkers Point Path and surrounding coastal meadows. 

5:  Snowmobile Adventure

Newfoundland has one of the most diverse snowmobile networks in the world. The Province offers everything from steep and deep mountain riding to pleasure cruises and nature adventures along the groomed trails. Fully guided snowmobile tours are available from a number of providers across Newfoundland. 

6: Sliding and Tobbogining

If you grew up in a place like Newfoundland that gets cold in the winter chances are you have some pretty great memories of sliding on the snow. Regardless of if you used to go sliding and tobogganing all the time as a child or have never had the opportunity to experience sliding down a hill on the snow, winter sliding and tobogganing in Newfoundland continues to be a favorite winter pastime. If you’re visiting the capital city of St. John’s, an ultra-popular spot to take in winter sliding is Pippy Park. Their winter sliding and tobogganing hill at Pippy Park is pretty prefect and attracts droves of locals all winter long, but it’s not the only spot. Every town in Newfoundland has at least one or two fantastic winter sliding hills. All you have to do is look for the colorful toboggans and listen for the shrieks of joy.

7: Ice Skating on The Loop in St. John’s

The Loop is Newfoundland’s famous free outdoor skating rink located in Bannerman Park in downtown St. John’s. This adventure is well suited for couples, families, kids, seniors, and well, just about everyone. Spend the afternoon or evening skating at the picturesque skating loop outdoors in this historical public park, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy the winter lights in the park after dark.

8: Winter Wonderland Zipline

Looking for an accessible and thrilling winter experience? Go for it and experience a zipline adventure like no other at the zip line in Petty Harbour. This zip line is one of the longest zip line tracks in the world and one of the only zip lines that operate all winter long. No experience necessary and suitable for all ages and abilities, this Newfoundland adventure zip line is guaranteed to get your adrenaline going.

9: Ice Fishing

When lakes and waterways are frozen, ice fishing is a great way to spend the day outdoors. Newfoundland has a long history of ice fishing on inland waters and also on coastal inlets for sea smelts and trout. Ice fishing equipment is both inexpensive and easy to find. Fully guided ice fishing tours are available in most communities throughout the winter. 

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