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The East Coast Trail: the Best-Kept Secret by Hikers


Are you in search of an unparalleled hiking experience far away from the crowds and inconveniences of popular trails? Look no further than the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland. Prepare to be captivated by breathtaking views, well-maintained paths, abundant wildlife, and the warmest hospitality you’ll ever encounter. This hidden gem is waiting to fulfill all your hiking dreams while remaining one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. Join us as we unravel what makes this trail so uniquely extraordinary.

Unveiling the East Coast Trail: Immerse yourself in the wonders of Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail, a must-visit destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. This 300 km route guides you through picturesque landscapes, rugged cliffs, and mesmerizing ocean vistas. Every few steps will tempt you to capture the perfect photo.

The East Coast Trail is a coastal walking and hiking experience that takes you to the outermost reaches of North America, along the scenic shores of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Discover the East Coast Trail: Curious about the trail’s origins and logistics? Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions:

  1. Where does the East Coast Trail start? Embark on your journey in Cappahayden, just 70 kilometers south of St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador. The trail stretches for over 336 kilometers (209 miles), passing through 30 vibrant communities before culminating in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s, a charming town on the outskirts of St. John’s.
  2. What is the ECT Network? The East Coast Trail encompasses a network of 25 interconnected wilderness paths, covering over 336 kilometres (209 miles) of awe-inspiring coastline in Newfoundland, Canada.
  3. Are all the paths linked? Yes, the East Coast Trail consists of connected paths, primarily linked through “community walks.” Although the trail follows a one-way direction without looping, it provides a seamless hiking experience.
  4. Do I need a permit? No, hikers can freely explore the East Coast Trail without permits. We simply ask that you prioritize safety during your adventure.

Reasons Why It’s the Best-Kept Secret by Hikers

Hiking popular trails often means sacrificing privacy and solitude. However, solo hiking remains one of the best ways to escape the crowds and fully immerse yourself in nature. Let’s explore why the East Coast Trail is an exceptional secret:

Serene and Uncrowded

Imagine immersing yourself in nature’s embrace without the noise and congestion of tourist-packed trails. The East Coast Trail offers a serene and peaceful experience, allowing you to commune with nature in your own way. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of this hidden gem, where the only sounds you’ll hear are crashing waves and chirping birds.

Awe-Inspiring Views

Stand on the edge of a cliff and behold the grandeur of endless natural beauty. The East Coast Trail boasts breathtaking landscapes that will leave you humbled by their magnificence. From tranquil lakes to rugged shorelines, each vista holds the power to take your breath away. Take a moment to appreciate the wonder of nature that unfolds before your eyes.

View from the Tinker's Point Path of the East Coast Trail, next to the Whale House Guest House
View from the Tinker’s Point Path of the East Coast Trail, next to the Whale House Guest House

Well-Maintained and Easily Navigable

The East Coast Trail offers hiking enthusiasts a remarkable opportunity to explore the rugged beauty of Newfoundland. Stretching over 300 kilometres, the trail is meticulously maintained year-round, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Thanks to the tireless work of volunteers and the unwavering support of local communities, the East Coast Trail remains easily navigable for hikers of all levels. Embark on a Newfoundland wilderness adventure with confidence, knowing that the trail’s dedication will guide you every step of the way.

Unforgettable Encounters with Newfoundland’s Warm-Hearted People

While the East Coast Trail promises a rugged and beautiful journey, it’s the encounters with Newfoundland’s friendly locals that will leave an indelible mark on your memories. Known for their hospitality and warmth, the people of Newfoundland will welcome you with open arms as you hike through quaint fishing villages and along the rugged coastline.

Their stories and local knowledge will enrich your experience, offering a glimpse into the vibrant culture of the region. Take a break at our place, where the Beaches Path and Tinker’s Point Path meet in the charming community of Mobile. Fill up your water bottles, use our WiFi, or simply relax at our picnic tables while watching whales in Mobile Bay. For multi-day trips, the Whale House Guest House provides a comfortable and rejuvenating retreat, complete with a hot tub and cozy accommodations.

Activities to Embrace on the East Coast Trail

The trail is also perfect for bird watching, with over 120 species of birds that call the area home. Forgers use these trails all year around to find all the benefits from mother earth; you might find Folkart, livestock pastures, vegetable gardens or tree-tapping grounds left by the industrious locals.

A number of guided workshops can be presented on the trails; at times you might stumble upon a mushroom workshop or a group of conservationists giving an interactive lecture, a Forest Bathing session, and more.

During whale season, visitors can spot humpbacks, orcas and minke whales as they migrate along the coast. For those looking for a more leisurely activity, picnicking and beachcombing are great options. With so much to see and do, the East Coast Trail is truly a must-see destination for anyone visiting Newfoundland.

The East Coast Trail is not just about hiking; it offers many activities for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Here are some highlights:

Hiking, camping, bird watching, fishing, and more

Unleash your sense of adventure with a range of activities that will keep you engaged and enthralled.

Hike through breathtaking scenery, camp under the starry skies, observe a diverse array of bird species, and try your luck at fishing in pristine waters. Nature’s playground offers endless opportunities for exploration, regardless of your experience level. So pack your gear, and let the outdoors be your guide to unforgettable moments.

Detailed pictures capturing the journey

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the East Coast Trail is no exception. Capture every moment of your journey through forests, over bridges, and across rivers. These detailed pictures not only preserve the beauty of the trail but also allow you to share the joy and awe you experienced while immersed in nature. Let the pictures speak for themselves, transporting others to those magical moments that words can’t fully describe. Share your East Coast Trail memories with us on Instagram by tagging @WhaleHouseNL.

Tips to Enhance Your Trip

Travelling can be both exciting and stressful, but with a few tips, you can ensure a more enjoyable experience:

  1. Plan ahead: While spontaneity has its charm, having a general itinerary can reduce anxiety and make you feel more prepared. Research the trail, plan your routes, and familiarize yourself with accommodations and amenities along the way. A little preparation goes a long way in ensuring a smoother journey.
  2. Pack light and smart: Traveling light is the key to ease and comfort. Pack essentials such as appropriate clothing, sturdy footwear, a reliable backpack, snacks, water, a map, and any personal items you may need. Remember, less is more when it comes to enjoying the trail.
  3. Stay hydrated and nourished: Maintaining your energy levels is crucial during hikes. Carry enough water and nutritious snacks to keep you fueled throughout your journey. Take advantage of the picturesque spots along the trail to enjoy a well-deserved picnic.
  4. Respect nature and local communities: Preserve the beauty of the East Coast Trail by respecting nature and the communities you encounter. Leave no trace, follow trail etiquette, and support local businesses and initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of the trail.

Now that you understand the East Coast Trail more deeply, it’s time to embark on your unforgettable adventure. Let the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland be your sanctuary, offering solace, wonder, and lifelong memories. Book your stay at the Whale House, embrace the rugged beauty of the trail, and let the warmth of Newfoundland’s people envelop you in their hospitality. Get ready for an experience that will leave you in awe of the natural wonders that await you.

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