East Coast Trail FAQ

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The East Coast Trail stretches along 300 kilometers of Newfoundland coastline.

Yes, The East Coast Trail is rated as one of the top trails in Canada and a must-do for hikers visiting Newfoundland. National Geographic rates the East Coast Trail as one of the top ten hiking trails in the world. It’s pretty good.

Because the East Coast Trail comprises of 26 individual sections called paths that span over 30 small coastal communities in Eastern Newfoundland, it’s easy to pick and choose the sections you want to hike the most. Although some hikers spend a few weeks exploring all the paths, most hikers choose to explore a handful of individual East Coast Trail paths during their visit to Newfoundland.

Because paths differ in length and difficulty, the East Coast Trail has something to offer for hikers of all skills and abilities. Choose from easy beginner East Coast Trail coastal walks to multi-day backcountry adventures.

You’re chance of seeing a Moose while hiking the East Coast Trail is high. Moose often frequent the same coastal trails as hikers and some sections of the East Coast Trail travel directly through densely populated moose habitat.

Since weather conditions can change quickly on the East Coast Trail, being prepared is important. Although what you pack will often vary, at a minimum you should bring a rain jacket and an extra layer of clothing along with you in case it rains or gets cold. Check out our TOP TEN THINGS TO BRING WITH YOU ON YOUR NEWFOUNDLAND VACATION blogpost for more details on what to bring and how to pack for your next East Coast Trail hiking adventure.

Whale watching from land on the East Coast Trail is a popular activity and a great alternative to a whale-watching boat tour. Sometimes the whale watching from a coastal meadow on the East Coast Trail can rival even the best whale watching boat tour excursions.

Although all the East Coast Trail paths are interesting, the Tinker’s Point Path in Mobile is one of the most popular and accessible East Coast Trail hikes. Because the Tinker’s Point Path follows the coastline of the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve, it’s the most popular hike for watching whales from land and offers a great mix of easy boardwalk, coastal path, and meadows. To find out more about East Coast Trail hikes in the area, check out our TOP 10 EAST COAST TRAIL HIKES to help you choose the best East Coast trail for you.

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