The Best 3 Bay Bulls Boat Tours

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Bay Bulls Newfoundland is a popular port for puffin and whale watching boat tours. Just north of the Witless Bay Marine Ecological reserve, the town of Bay Bulls sports a deep harbor which can accommodate larger boats. Although the wharf itself does have some industrial activity and is less picturesque when compared with Witless Bay and Mobile Bay, don’t let that put you off. Because it’s a larger port, Bay Bulls can accommodate larger boats. If you’re looking for a big boat experience, are in a large group, or need to accommodate a wheelchair, you’ll definitely want to choose a whale watching adventure or puffin tour departing from Bay Bulls. While it’s a little further to get to the heart of the Marine Protected Zone and Witless Bay Marine Park departing from Bay Bulls when compared to Witless Bay or Mobile Bay, in good conditions all companies visit the key areas of the Ecological Reserve including Great Island and Humpback Whales usually congregating at the mouth of Mobile Bay.

The Gatherall’s Puffin and Whale Watch

The Gatheralls family has been operating in Bay Bulls for over 30 years and knows the boat tour business well. They have several large vessels and operate from their private wharf in Bay Bulls opposite the main harbor. Along with their puffin and whale watching tours on their large ship, The Gatherall’s also offer small craft whale watching expeditions.

O’Brien’s Boat Tours

Another large boat tour operator, O’Brien’s Boat Tours in Bay Bulls has also been around for decades and know the industry in and out. Operating from the public wharf at the Bay Bulls marina their puffin and whale watching tours along with the kingfisher coastal adventure depart daily throughout the summer. The boat O’Brien’s Boat Tours uses is massive, with an upper and lower deck.

Captain Wayne’s Marine Excursions

Captain Wayne offers small craft boat tours in the eco-reserve from his private wharf in Bay Bulls. As a mariner, Captain Wayne has lots of experience sailing in and around the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. A little-known fact is Captain Wayne actually used to be the vessel captain for one of the large boat tour companies in Bay Bulls before he branched out on his own and started Captain Wayne’s Boat Tours.

Other Boat Tours in the Witless Bay Eco-Reserve

Although Bay Bulls has the largest concentration of boat tour operators, the town is actually a little north of the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve. Large boats like the ones used by Gatherall’s Boat Tours and O’Brien’s Marine Excursions require a deep harbor like the one in Bay Bulls, but smaller operators are located right inside the Marine Park and right next to humpback whale feeding grounds. Be sure to check out our BEST BOAT TOURS IN WITLESS BAY for more boat tour operators in the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve.

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  1. I will be in St. Johns Aug. 7 and 8 with my husband, we would love to do a whale watching tour.

    We do not plan to rent a car, is there a shuttle nor pick up in St. johns.

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