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Top 7 Valentine’s Day 2025 Gifts and What Gifts to Avoid Like This Plague


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you have a special someone or just want to celebrate this holiday of love and affection, there are a lot of choices out there. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose a present for this 2025 Valentine’s Day.

It’s a special time of year, and as with most holidays, it has become a little commercialized, making it harder to cut through the noise and choose a gift that really makes sense and is something that the receiver will really enjoy and appreciate. Everyone likes giving a great Valentine’s Day gift, and nobody enjoys getting a Valentine’s Day present that isn’t what they want or is obviously not thought out. We just want you to be happy, so if you’re going to give a gift to someone this Valentine’s Day 2025, we want you to give them what they really want. 

1: Plan Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences early

Do we have to tell you that leaving things until the last minute is almost never a good idea? If you’re the type of person that writes the essay the night before it’s due or packs their bag on the morning of their flight, be cautious, because giving a great Valentine’s Day gift takes some thought, and when you’re under time pressure, it’s harder to make well thought out decisions. Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts and experiences are in limited supply and sell out long before February 14th, 2025, so do yourself a favour and spend a little time planning now so that when Valentine’s Day arrives, you can relax and enjoy.

2: Avoid flowers

Sure, flowers are great, and most people find them beautiful, but they’re also so overdone. Flowers continue to be one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, but they also take the least amount of thought and energy to give. Flower’s also have a gigantic carbon footprint attached to them, and what happens after they’re gifted? You get to watch them wither and fade before throwing them away. We’re not judging anyone for giving flowers to their loved one, it’s a sweet thought, but that’s all it is.

This year on February 14th, challenge yourself to step things up a notch and put a little more effort and energy into your gift than buying a dozen roses from your local grocery store on your way home. 

3: Give an experience instead of something material

We all like stuff, and we sure buy a lot of it. In our affluent and sometimes materialistic North American culture we have so many things. Some people have drawers full of old cell phones we never use, closets full of clothes we never wear, and houses with rooms we never use. How much joy will another necklace, bracelet, or watch bring your loved one compared with a memorable unique experience you can enjoy together?

Giving an experience takes more thought and foresight since it forces you to think more about what the other person really likes, but it also makes for a way better Valentine’s Day present than just more useless stuff. This Valentine’s Day, choose to give an experience you can both enjoy together. After all, isn’t that the point of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Gift Certificate

4: Don’t feel pressure to do something on the day of Valentine’s Day

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. This means on that day most restaurants will be booked-up, guesthouses and boutique hotels will have their reservations maxed out, and travel will be more expensive than on other days.

Of course, celebrate a little on Friday, February 14th, 2025 if you want, but if you’re giving the gift of an experience, don’t feel like it has to take place on this day. Valentines Day Gift Certificates like a stay at the Whale House Guest House, a trip abroad, a getaway at the Fogo Island Inn, or dinner for two at Fork Restaurant make great Valentine’s Day gifts that can be given to that special someone on Valentine’s Day but can be booked and experienced on another day that works best for both of you. Do yourself a favour and take the pressure out of having to fully celebrate on Valentine’s Day 2025. By taking this softer approach you can share in the excitement of the gift you give on February 14th and then get excited all over again when you book the day that works best for the two of you. It’s like getting two gifts in one and being able to celebrate twice.   

5: Choose a Valentine’s Day gift that brings you together

Giving a gift that brings you together is the best. This means spending time together and sharing in something. We’re all attracted to shiny things like new tablets and the latest gadgets, with manufactures and marketing campaigns aimed at coaxing you to gift things like this to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, but is that really going to bring you together more than an ocean-side retreat where you get to unplug and enjoy time together in a hot tub, experience a snowshoe and chocolate fondue on the East Coast Trail, or sharing in a new activity and learning a new skill both of you are interested in?

If you choose to give the gift of an experience that brings you together, odds are your loved one will remember the experience forever instead of forgetting about it altogether. Create a memorable experience that your loved one will remember forever. It will bring you closer than giving a material gift.

6: Buy local

Whatever you give, it’s always a good idea to choose something local. We talked about flowers earlier and how giving flowers for Valentine’s Day may not be the best choice because of the gigantic carbon and environmental impact that comes attached to them. When choosing a Valentine’s Day gift, choose something from your local area. If you want to give chocolates as part of your gift, for example, you could get a generic box of chocolate form an international supplier, but you could also choose something from a local artisan chocolate maker.

The Newfoundland Chocolate Factory offers some great locally made chocolates created with the highest quality ingredients and manufactured right here in St. John’s Newfoundland. By choosing to buy something local, you’re supporting your local community, lowering environmental impacts, and gifting something that’s healthier and tastier than what’s available from larger commercial suppliers

7: Think outside the box

Unless you’re a teenager in love for the very first time (we’ve all been there) this probably isn’t the first Valentine’s Day gift you’re about to give, and it’s for sure not the first Valentine’s Day gift your loved one is about to receive. It’s daunting to think what you will give them this Valentine’s Day will be compared with all the other Valentine’s Day gifts they’ve received throughout their life. It’s not a competition, but sometimes you can’t help but feel like it is. Whatever you choose to give, do your best to give something unconventional and unique. This Valentine’s Day, give a gift that doesn’t blend in with all the other junk your loved one has received in the past. Give something you can share and remember together. If you do, this Valentine’s Day 2025 may be the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever experienced. 

Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to give someone this Friday, February 14th, 2025? Consider an experience in the Blue Whale Hot Tub Suite or the Humpback Whale Hot Tub Suite at the Whale House Guest House in the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve. Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates are on sale until February 14, 2025. They can be used for any day, including a free VIP upgrade, and are a great way to enjoy the bubbling bliss on your own private outdoor hot tub on a private deck overlooking the ocean. Whatever you do to celebrate this 2025 Valentine’s Day, we just want you to be happy. 

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