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Planning a day-trip to St. John’s? Be sure to take in this walking tour of the city. Normally, when we visit other cities we usually pass on the walking tour, but the haunted hike is different, and both of us make a point to do it every year. If you’ve never experienced the haunted hike, it’s a must do while exploring St. John’s.

The Haunted Hike is the oldest running historical walking tour in Newfoundland’s capital city of St. John’s, and is a walking ghost tour of amazing places in the downtown core you would otherwise never find on your own. Starting at dusk daily, this is an adventure into the paranormal and shadowy historical past of Canada’s oldest city, taking participants through shadowy alleys, winding lanes, and dark secrets even most locals don’t know about. Learn about murdered lovers, lost soldiers, unexplained fires, and dirty secrets hidden behind layers of time and bright colorful paint.

Discover the dark side of St. John’s. You’ll be happy you did.

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