Rock Climbing and Bouldering near St. John’s Newfoundland

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If you like Rock Climbing you’ll be pleased to know there are some great outdoor venues available in and around the St. John’s Newfoundland area. The community of Flat Rock, a short drive from the capital city of St. John’s Newfoundland boasts a large selection of well known and loved classic rock climbs and boulder problems that are easily accessible, most with less than a 10 min approach, making it a great option for bagels, coffee, and rock climbing on a sunny morning or afternoon. The area is picturesque, overlooking the wide-open Atlantic Ocean, and offers an aesthetically pleasing rock climbing and bouldering experience that is perfect for people of all ages and abilities.

Flat Rock Newfoundland
Flat Rock Newfoundland

At Flat Rock, you can choose from a multitude of rock climbs ranging from easy top-rope climbs, rated 5.7 and up, well-bolted sport climbing routes, and classic traditional lead climbing trad routes that will challenge all but the most seasoned rock climbers.

One of the things that makes rock climbing at Flat Rock so special is the location itself. The scenery is unlike anywhere else you’ve rock climbed before and thanks to the consistent sea breeze, bugs and insects are never a problem. This area boasts the highest concentration of high-quality rock climbing and bouldering near St. John’s on the Avalon Peninsula.

As soon as you see the rock climbs at Flat Rock you’ll appreciate what we’re talking about. The rock climbs at Flat Rock are made up of dense conglomerate vertical sandstone which is unique compared with the limestone found at most other Newfoundland rock climbing venues.

Aside from Flat Rock being the undisputed best rock climbing destination near St. John’s and on Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula, it’s also a great place to spot whales and icebergs, making cliffs near Flat Rock attractive to rock climbers and non-climbers alike.

If you’re a trad climber, the nature of the sandstone at Flat Rock can make for some interesting, and sometimes technically challenging gear placements, with challenging routes usually offering a mix of bolts at their crux. Even if you’re an ultra seasoned rock climber or a traditionalist looking for pure lead and gear climbing, as with any new rock climbing destination, it’s good to play it conservative and go easy when exploring the rock climbs at Flat Rock for the very first time.

Bolted Rock Climbing Anchor
Typical Bolted Rock Climbing Anchor like the ones found at Flat Rock

Almost all routes have bolted top rope anchors or obvious anchor points making it easy to rappel or abseil down to check things out and play around before tying into the sharp end of the rope and going for it. At Flat Rock, it’s easy to climb in the sun in the mornings since most popular rock climbs at Flat Rock, like UV Ray and Locker, face east. If you’re a late riser and want to climb in the sun, Blood Bath is a great afternoon option. Almost all Rock Climbs in and around the Flat Rock area offer unobstructed views of the open Atlantic ocean.

Looking to Boulder? Flat Rock is also the place to be, so feel free to show up with your bouldering pad, chalk bag, and snack on any nice day and take a crack at some of Newfoundland’s most famous bouldering problems. If you want hard challenges, there is plenty to choose from, but beginners will also find the bouldering at Flat Rock to be satisfying and well within their abilities. Choose from endless bouldering problems ranging from VB to V3. If you are really looking for a challenge or have a lot of experience boulder climbing, test your skills against stiff problems like Kenmore and Commitment to Quality, ranging from V5 to V10.

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