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If you’re a foodie, odds are you’re familiar with Chanterelle mushrooms. A favorite of gourmet chefs all over the world, the Chanterelle, belonging to the genus Cantharellus, is the most popular of all the wild mushroom species. These mushrooms have a fruity aroma, similar to apricots, and have a mild peppery taste. First popular in 16th century french cuisine, gourmet chefs place these mushrooms in the same category as truffles, often using them in sautes, souffles, soups, and rich butter/cream sauces. Just mention the word Chanterelle to any gourmet chef and guaranteed they’ll have something great to say about this healthy and tasty mushroom.

Chantrelle mushrooms can be found throughout Newfoundland from late spring to September, flourishing in our boreal forests and damp cool climate. Needless to say, you can often find us foraging for Chantrelles in wooded areas close to the guest house and you’re welcome to do the same (be sure you know what you’re picking since not all mushrooms are edible).

Lori McCarthy is one of our favorite local foodies. Her business, Cod Sounds, focuses on preserving Newfoundland food culture and rediscovering food traditions that were once part of everyday life. She’s passionate about the food that grows naturally here in Newfoundland.

Want to know more about picking Chantrelle mushrooms in Newfoundland? Check out the short video below or sign-up for a wilderness culinary experience with Cod Sounds and open your eyes up to the multitude of food options the forest can provide for you.


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