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How to Plan the Ultimate Newfoundland Staycation


Your 2020 summer Newfoundland staycation is going to be awesome, that’s for sure, but exactly how awesome your summer staycation is, like many things, will depend a lot on the planning you do. Just like any vacation, taking the time to plan out your staycation is important. 

1: Give Them What They Really Want

Top Newfoundland Staycation Ideas and Couples Retreats
Were to next? Top Newfoundland Staycation Ideas and Couples Retreats

If you’re planning a staycation couples retreat, you’re going to want to ensure your Newfoundland staycation planning hits the spot for your significant other. Staycations are even easier to plan than a trip overseas but we do not recommend wining it. Take the time since due diligence is what will make this Newfoundland Staycation absolutely awesome.

Are you looking for rest and relaxation in an oceanside hot tub and a place where you can read, watch Netflix, and do whatever you want? If the answer is yes, be honest with yourself and look for a place that meets those needs. Do you feel the call of the wild and want to get out into nature and explore the most popular East Coast Trail hike or do some whale watching from land? If so, be sure to make sure this is an option before finalizing your Newfoundland staycation plans.

2: Staycation Amenities Matter

Fast Wifi in Hotels
Blazing fast Wifi to stream Netflix and brag to your friends with selfies

Building a perfect Newfoundland staycation itinerary requires more than booking a sparkling clean room and comfortable bed. Amenities matter, especially when it comes to a staycation.

Do you like staying connected? Pick a place with rocket fast WiFi. Want to enjoy an outdoor fire despite the fire ban at Provincial Parks, beaches, and crown land this year? Be sure to pick a place that offers a fire pit for guests to use. Want to grill outside and enjoy some open air dining?

Book into a place with an Oceanside BBQ. Are you a foodie that needs access to the best take-out and restaurant options this side of Europe? Be sure you have ample choice available wherever you choose to stay. Think about what’s important to you and take the time to ensure your Newfoundland staycation choice offers that as a feature. 

3: Privacy Is Important

Let’s face it, the days of the traditional stuffy bed and breakfast where you have to share rooms and eat breakfast in a communal dining hall have fallen out of favour. Choose a staycation guesthouse or boutique hotel with self-check-in and a private outdoor entrance over a bed and breakfast. Your Newfoundland staycation is all about you, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to explain to others where you are from and what you’re up to over awkward breakfast talk.   

4: Clean and Sanitized

Before checking in, check out what the story is with respect to cleanliness and sanitation.
Check reviews online, and search for what other guests say

Before checking in, check out what the story is with respect to cleanliness and sanitation.

Does your Newfoundland Staycation venue have a reputation for being sparkling clean? Do some searching and ask around. Read reviews and see what others are saying before confirming your reservation. Is each suite professionally cleaned and sanitized between guests? Do you need to share anything like a kitchen or bathroom?

Be sure to get the skinny on clean before booking and choose a place that’s consistently rated as sparkling clean.

5: Do Your Research

When it comes to planning a Newfoundland staycation, a little staycation planning goes a long way to making your escape the best staycation ever.

Lucky for you, much of the data you need is only a few keystrokes away. For the most part, online reviews are honest and if you read enough of them, oftentimes they’re a good representation of what a place is like. Don’t let one less than perfect review turn you off, but if reviews of a Newfoundland staycation venue are consistently bad it’s a good indicator of what your experience may be like.

Sieve out the losers and choose a Newfoundland staycation destination that stands out from the rest.  

6: Be Selfish

Taking a solo staycation retreat that leaves you feeling rebalanced and rejuvenated is one of the best things you can do for yourself, yet it’s surprising how many people have never done this.

If you’ve never experienced a solo retreat, you need to. Booking a rejuvenating Newfoundland staycation retreat just for yourself where you can focus exclusively on you is the best way to clear the fog, reset your system, and come out the other side with clarity and vigor. If you’re that person that’s always doing things for someone else, take a break from it all and do something that’s just for you.

Remember, if you want to best help others, you first need to help yourself.  

7: Is 2020 Staycation Home Year?

If you’ve never let yourself indulge in a Newfoundland staycation, this is the year to do it. 2020 is your opportunity to be a tourist right here at home. You’ll be surprised at what there is to discover and just how perspective shifting a Newfoundland Staycation can be.

As far as staycation venues go, you can’t pick a better staycation destination than Newfoundland. If you’re in Newfoundland right now, consider yourself privileged.  

8: Staycation Food Matters

Think about food, because even when a lot of things go wrong with a staycation, if the food is awesome, most people are reasonably happy. Conversely, you can stay at the best place and plan super fun activities but if the food is substandard, or worse, you’re food stressed, nobody will be having a good time.

If you’re staying at a Boutique Hotel, guesthouse, or oceanside retreat, dining will only be as good as your options. This may mean researching restaurants in the area so that you know what your takeout options are.

If you’re staying in a place like the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve, restaurant, take-out, and delivery options are abundant, but that’s not true for every place in Newfoundland.

Be sure you’ve got some options and find out what they are before you arrive at your Newfoundland staycation. 

researching restaurants in the area so that you know what your takeout options are.
Researching restaurants in the area so that you know what your takeout options are

9: Don’t Skimp on Snacks and Drinks

At risk of sounding repetitive, staycation food matters. A staycation isn’t a staycation without good food and drink.

When people are hungry or thirsty, they only have one problem, and all the lux in the world won’t matter to them if their tummy is grumbling.

This is doubly true if you’re planning some outdoor adventures like exploring the East Coast Trail. Having great snacks and a tasty trail lunch is more important than spotting that Newfoundland Moose

A staycation isn’t a staycation without snacks.

Check out our story of Moose post

10: Become a Newfoundland Staycation Expert

If you do it right, not only will your Newfoundland staycation rival other experiences you may have had in exotic faraway places, but it will remind you just how great we have it here.

With a little staycation planning your 2020 Newfoundland staycation will be perspective shifting. You’ll discover treasures that were always right under your nose and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner and more often.

Have you had a recent Newfoundland staycation at the Whale House? What was the highlight? Let us know about your Newfoundland staycation in the comments below.

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