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How to plan the best romantic Christmas gift (UPDATED: Christmas 2022)


Romantic Christmas Gifts Are More Powerful than You Ever Imagined

This year Christmas is on Sunday, December 25, 2022, which is literally just around the corner. The carols are playing in every store, malls are busy, and consumerism is at its finest. Sadly though, most Christmas gifts are forgotten shortly after they’re unwrapped, and many of them end up not meaning as much as they could have.

Choosing an outstanding Christmas Gift is hard, and planning a Romantic Christmas Gift can be even more challenging. If you’re looking for a romantic Christmas gift, it’ll take a bit more work than buying the latest phone or shiny thing. You could just give them flowers or slippers (again) but this Christmas, if you truly want to step up your game and give them what they really want, taking some time to plan out the ultimate romantic Christmas gift can pay major dividends and be well worth the effort.

If you just want to get them a box of chocolates and move on with your day, no need to keep reading, but if you want to nail it this Christmas and give them what they really want, below is some essential reading for you.

How to Plan the Ultimate Romantic Christmas Gift

If you want to be romantic you need to first be in tune with your partner. It doesn’t mean you need to know everything about them, but you certainly need to be in touch with their vibration. You need some information. The biggest thing you can do when planning the perfect romantic Christmas gift is to pay attention.

By paying attention we mean are you hearing what they’re saying, noticing how they’re behaving, and picking up on what their interests are? Can you name some things your partner is doing more of or less of lately? What are some things they get really excited about?

If you pay attention to the details, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to answer some of these questions and you’ll be well on your way to planning the best romantic Christmas gift.

The Best Romantic Christmas Gifts Require Some Research and Planning

It may sound corny, but romance is essentially about paying attention, and the best romantic Christmas gifts make it obvious to your partner that you’re paying attention to them. It is possible that your partner is really into traditional stuff like a box of chocolates or a dozen roses.

I mean, let’s face it, flowers do smell nice and high-quality chocolate can be to die for, but more often than not, we’re just trained to accept these sorts of gifts as romantic. Odds are this isn’t what your partner really wants, because stuff spoils quickly but experiences are really what life is all about.

This doesn’t mean giving your loved one a chocolate or flower is a bad idea, but the focus should be on the experience, not the object. 

The Best Christmas Gift for Your Partner Is Routine Breaking, Experiential, and Based in Romance

The Christmas gift you give needs to show you really do understand them. Whatever you choose, to really nail it this Christmas 2022, your Christmas gift needs to have a romantic vibe, and should be something you can both enjoy together. People are creatures of habit, which means routines can become entrenched in our daily existence, making you feel like every day is a repeat of the last.

If you can relate to this, it’s all the more essential to choose a romantic Christmas gift that gives you a break from the daily routine. This can be as simple as going somewhere new, experiencing something together for the first time, and completely changing your atmosphere, even for just one day.

You’ll be surprised at how exciting it can be to spend a night at a new place, eat in a restaurant you’ve never tried, and enjoy an activity that’s exciting for you both. This type of romantic Christmas present can expand your comfort zones, create strong bonds, and build trust. It can also be a lot of fun, much more than a new sweater or bracelet. 

Choosing a Romantic Christmas Activity Is a Great Way to Spice Things Up

Taking a walk during a gentle snowfall, exploring the coastal paths and snowshoe lane along the East Coast Trail, and selecting a Christmas tree together are all simple little activities that are free, experiential, and romantic. If you want to step it up a notch or two, combining this with a night in the Stargazing Hot Tubs at Whale House and supper at The Fork Restaurant can really add icing to your cake.

You can’t top romantic experiences like stargazing at strips of constellations and planets with your partner under the clear winter night sky while soaking in the bubbling bliss and steamy waters of your own private outdoor hot tub. Include cocktails and food at The Fork Restaurant just down the lane or order a charcuterie board and wine to your stargazing hot tub suite and watch the fireworks begin.  

Causal Fine dining at the Fork Restaurant in Newfoundland, next to the Whale House Guest House, in Mobile
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Romantic Christmas Gift Certificates 

With Christmas comes the annual Whale House Christmas Gift Certificate sale. Once a year, as a special thank you, Whale House offers limited quantities of Hot Tub Escapes and Stargazing Hot Tub Gift Certificates at the best rates of the year.

This means you can access the best deals on all Stargazing Hot Tub Suites and Hot Tub Winter Escapes Gift Certificates, complete with free VIP upgrades, no blackout dates, and no extra fees. Because these gift certificates are valid for all dates, never expire, are fully transferable, and include everything, you can use them anytime, save them for as long as you want, and book any date you like. You can even use them for yourself.

Only a limited amount of Christmas Gift Certificates are issued by Whale House Guest House each year, and every Christmas they sell out early, so if Stargazing from an outdoor hot tub sounds romantic and fun to you, be sure to secure your Romantic Christmas Gift Certificate today and give them what they really want.

For more information on the Whale House Christmas Gift Certificate sale, you can check availability and options online or by calling 709-702-0313 and talking to one of the Whale House romance specialists. 


Did you miss out on the Christmas Gift Certificate Sale last year? If you tried to buy one online last year but couldn’t because they were sold out, you will have automatically received an early access email guaranteeing you a Christmas Gift Certificate for this season. Can’t find your invitation? Call Whale House and we will resend the email right now. 

Know What Christmas Gifts to Avoid in 2022

Did you know one of the most important parts about choosing the ultimate romantic Christmas gift is understanding what gifts to avoid like the plague? This article focuses on all the things you need to do and keep in mind when planning the ultimate romantic Christmas present for your partner or loved one.

Just as important though is understanding what not to give. There are certain Christmas gifts you should stay away from at all costs if you want to avoid giving a bad romantic Christmas gift. In case you missed it, be sure to check out the Christmas Gifts to Avoid article for essential information on how to avoid giving a crappy Christmas present. 

We want to hear about your best romantic Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022: Do you have a romantic Christmas Gift idea for Sunday, December 25, 2022, that you think is outstanding? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. We want to hear from you, we want you to nail it with the best romantic Christmas gift this year, and we want you to be happy. 

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