Fresh Lobster and a Fine Day

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Do you like eating fresh lobster, crab, cold water shrimp and fish? So do we! Nothing better than spending a summer night eating fresh lobster beside an outdoor fire. But when is the best time for seafood in Newfoundland? Since something is being harvested all the time, it’s easy to access fresh seafood year round. After all, Newfoundland is located next to the Grand Banks, the most fertile fishing grounds on the planet.
Lobster and crab season starts in the spring and runs into early summer with exact dates varying yearly. You can buy lobster and crab all summer long, so having a taste of this Atlantic Canadian staple is always easy, but when the boats are unloading their catch at the wharf, you can buy directly from the fisherman and have a boil-up right on the beach.
Lucky for you, we have several local fishermen within a few kilometers of Whale House Guest House that we source all our seafood from. The local fish truck down the lane from the Guest House is a great place to buy high quality seafood straight from the ocean. Want to leave the cooking to someone else? Treat yourself to a world class seafood meal at the Captain’s Table Restaurant, less than 5 min away from us.

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