Christmas Presents

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This christmas you could give your loved one any number of gifts, from classics like socks ? and sweaters, practical items like mixers and muffin pans, and stuff that’s thoughtful and useful. The other option, of course, is you can give them what they really want.

So what is it that most people want to receive most as a gift the Christmas? Let’s take a journey back in time….

Do you remember the Christmas gifts you received last year? ? Give yourself a moment to think back. Likely, you have memories of certain things, but nowhere near enough to account for the mountain of wrapping paper and gift cards destined for the recycling ♻bin. We’re betting against the coal in our stocking that the bulk of what most people received last year doesn’t even make it into their memories, and that’s a shame when you consider the time, energy, and money North Americans spend on christmas presents every year.

Truth be told, if you only remember the really good gifts and can’t remember much of anything else, you’re probably also guilty of giving others gifts that offer litte to no joy. Are you in the holiday spirit yet?

In case you haven’t noticed, most people already have a lot of stuff, and their piles keep growing. Most of what we own is forgotten, left hanging for years in our closets, lost in our junk drawers, and forgotten in the depths of our cupboards. We think we own our possessions, but the paradox is in many ways, our possessions actually own us.

What is the perfect Christmas present to give this December 25th 2019?

We suggest giving an experience, one that takes you outside of the fish bowl and lets you have a fresh perspective from the outside in. To see clearly, you need to clear the clutter and look inwards, but doing that is hard when you’re surrounded by your daily routine.

Don’t believe this is true? Next time you go on an extended vacation, pay attention to what you notice on the first day you return home. Odds are you will see and appreciate things that were always there but you just never noticed. So why do you notice these things when you first return? It’s because you need to get out of your regular zone and switch things up for a while to change the way your mind looks at things, and when you change your mind you change your reality. Afterall, where have you seen and experienced everything you have ever experienced? It’s all happened inside your mind. That’s where everything happens.

What type of experiences make great christmas gifts?

Well thought-out ones that let you escape to a place that’s different than what you’re used to. This could be something simple like eating at a restaurant that offers new and exciting food you’ve never tried before, taking a trip to a far away place, or booking a surprise staycation that help you escape the regular routine of your life. What we remember and value is what’s rare and unique. Things that are different are beautiful, and getting out of your zone to experience something different is alway better than a new cell phone or jewlery.

So this Christmas, instead of giving the same old crap, try giving the gift of an experience, one that you and your love one can enjoy and cherish together.

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