Boat Tours and More

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Interested in puffins, dolphins, sharks, humpback whales, otters, jelly fish, killer whales, and seabirds? Did you know one of the best boat tours in Newfoundland leaves twice daily from the end of our lane? Walk directly to the Molly Bawn whale and puffin boat tour wharf directly from the guest house, with three daily departures from Whale House Guest House to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve Marine Protected Area.

Whale watching is a loose term. Some places in the world you’re lucky if you catch a small glimpse of a whale while you’re on the water. The ocean playground next to Whale House Guest House, however, is a different story (there’s a reason we’re called “Whale House”).

All summer long hundreds of whales from all over the world migrate to Mobile Bay, right next to the Guest House, to feed on Capelin and tiny shrimp, making it easy to spot a whale whenever you look over the water, and that’s from the comfort of the Guest House whale watching deck. Just imagine what you can see when you’re on the ocean.

Getting out onto the water takes whale watching to a whole new level. With an experienced captain and on board marine biologist, the Molly Bawn boat tour offers small group tours of the marine protected zone and islands surrounding the Whale House Guest House, putting into perspective just how special this part of the world really is. Best of all, staying at Whale House means you get a discount and priority boarding on all marine excursions, making it easy and affordable for you and your group to get out on the water and experience the biodiversity of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve.

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  1. […] end of our lane (it’s literally a 3 min walk from Whale House Guest House to the Molly Bawn Boat Tour wharf). But did you know you can also see Puffins on-shore and be involved in rescuing […]

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