We think Local Business is at the heart of community success.  That’s why we offer 70% discount to local businesses, owners and employees or contractors.  The discount applies in certain times of the year, so reach out with your dates as soon as you know them.

As a member of our local business group which means you get 70% off our regular rate (plus cleaning fee, black out dates excluded). We ask, in return, that you do the following:

  1. Post to Facebook
    • Image and or
    • Video (video is much more powerful from a marketing standpoint)
  2. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, twitter
  3. Post a selfie of yourself at the whale house, and enter to win a free night
    • Selfie contest takes pics from Facebook and Instagram.  Each post is counted as an entry. Example: you post selfie in hot tub on Facebook and Instagram (that’s two entries).  You create post with gallery (more than one photo in a post to just Instagram, that’s one entry.
      • More posts = more entries = more free hot tub nights 🙂
  4. Honest Review (we aren’t giving you 70% to convince you to give us good reviews, we’d like your honest opinion on how we are doing so we can learn to do things better).
  5. If you had a great time, it would be fantastic if you could post a review on the following sites.
    • TA
    • FB
    • Google
  6. Paddleboards and gear are available for you also, for free.  They are super fun and safe, if used for the first time, I recommend bringing them to Tors Cove Pond, or somewhere sheltered like that instead of the ocean.
    • There’s a waiver we ask you to sign if you take the paddleboards

Aeee … it’s a gift

The Fonz