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Where is Newfoundland

Getting Here


Travelling here by plane is a popular option, and major airlines fly into multiple destinations. Flying time to St. John’s is about 3.5 hours from Toronto, and about 5 hours from London or Dublin. There are regional airlines which service smaller destinations and operate flights within the province.

Planning on driving to the island? Most travellers will take the ferry from Nova Scotia to either Port aux Basques or Argentia, and there are ferry routes for travelling between the island and Labrador. You can also drive to Labrador from the mainland of Canada, via Québec. 

How big is it?

With so many memorable places to see and things to do, finding the best way to travel around Newfoundland and Labrador is as important as figuring out where you want to go. Our province is much larger than most travelers realize, with lots of open country.

Our friend from Newfoundsander, from the Netherlands, illustrates it in relation some western European countries.


To give you a better idea of the province’s size, Newfoundland and Labrador is more than three times the total area of the Maritime Provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) and would rank fourth in size behind Alaska, Texas, and California if it were one of the United States. It’s almost one-and-three-quarter times the size of Great Britain. Most of that open space is in Labrador, but even on the island, the nine-hour drive from the ferry at Port aux Basques to the capital city of St. John’s is longer than the drive from Toronto to New York or from Paris to Berlin.

from the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

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