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Why experience is important to consider when choosing the perfect 2021 Christmas Gift

If you’re like the average North American, you’ve probably received hundreds of Christmas presents over your lifetime, maybe even more. If you think back and do a mental audit of the Christmas gifts you’ve received, few will actually stand out. If you have a holiday gift in mind that’s truly memorable, odds are what you like about it is more aligned with the experience it brings and less with the present itself. There’s a lot of pump surrounding Christmas, and this 2021 Winter Holiday Season is no exception. Items like the latest toys and electronics will fly off Christmas Sale shelves and become stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts under the Christmas Tree, but when the dust settles and the debris is cleared most are forgotten. Read Full Blog Post Here >

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Avoid in 2022

If you’re looking to give the perfect valentine’s day gift this Monday, February 14th, 2022, avoiding classic valentine’s gift clichés and choosing experiences over stuff is a great framework when hunting for the perfect valentine’s day gift. 

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How to Plan the Best Newfoundland Romantic Getaway

Planning the ultimate Newfoundland romantic staycation getaway is easier than you think, but it does take some effort and planning if you want it to truly be memorable. The best romantic getaways aren’t products you buy off the shelf, but rather custom experiences you create. There are lots of tools available to help you along the way, but only you have the power to create the best Newfoundland romantic getaway experience

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Whale House Guest House is proud to offer free Electric Vehicle Charging to all EV Drivers looking to charge their electric car while visiting Whale House, The Fork Restaurant, or hiking the Tinkers Point East Coast Trail Hike. Plan your trip on Plug Share.

Free EV Charger Now Available at Whale House Guest House

Exploring the Southern Shore on the Avalon Peninsula? Now you can charge for free at the only public EV Charger in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Located in the upper lot at Whale House Guest House in Mobile, the Electric Vehicle Charger is open to the public during daylight hours at up to 8kW in charging power.

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Newfoundland Summer Staycation Gardening Adventures

There’s nothing like the thrill and satisfaction of eating food out of your own garden. Gardening isn’t just about producing food as opposed to buying it, but rather, Newfoundland home gardening is about giving you access to top-quality food that’s not possible to buy.

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