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Fork Restaurant – Gourmet dining in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Note: This article was written when the Fork Restaurant, was a Pop Up Restaurant, it has since evolved and move from Witless Bay to Mobile. For an updated review of Fork see this post:

Fork on the First Date

Looking for a Gourmet Restaurant that’ll please even the most discerning foodies? Check out the popular pop-up restaurant Fork. It’s right in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, just 5 min away from Whale House Guest House.

Fork operates in the evenings out of the Irish Loop Coffee House in Witless Bay. Although it’s usually packed with food lovers from far and wide, their little black and white sandwich board sign is easy to miss. The thing is, Fork doesn’t really need a sign at all – their reputation speaks for itself, and when the food is as good as this, word of mouth travels fast.

Eating at the Fork Restaurant
The Irish Loop Coffee House – Not only great coffee, but a spectacular view

The food at Fork is intentionally focused on local and fresh, with the menu always changing. Our personal favorites include pan fried cod paired with salt beef and local baby potatoes, crunchy chickpeas with roasted cauliflower, and the out-of-this-world cocktails and wines. You’ll also be happy to know the service is top notch, the portion sizes are generous without having to skip desert, and the food is totally amazing.

Also … our local foodie Karl Wells has a lovely write up on his blog check it out here:

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