Polar Bear Warning Issued for Newfoundland

Polar Bears are frequent visitors to Newfoundland, with most of them usually showing up in the late winter and early spring. With changes in arctic weather patterns and ice conditions, polar bears are being spotted more than ever before in Newfoundland. Specifically, ice conditions in the Labrador straight have a lot to do with this.


10 New Year’s Resolutions that actually make a difference in 2020

If you’re tired of making New Year’s resolutions that seem hollow and pointless, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of people ring in the New Year resolute to make changes in their lives that often don’t materialize, or worse, don’t matter. It’s easy to say you will do this or that, but when it comes down to following through, it’s not always so easy. Making a New Year’s resolutions is a personal decision that takes a little bit of planning and insight, not something you want to be making up as you go with a glass of wine in your hand during the countdown to midnight.

East Coast Trail

Hiking the East Coast Trail

Are you planning a visit to Newfoundland’s famous East Coast Trail? Wondering what to expect when hiking the East Coast of Newfoundland or what types of animals you may encounter along the way? This Newfoundland East Coast Trail list of Frequently Asked Questions will help you prepare for your next East Coast Trail hike and ensure you have a world-class Newfoundland East Coast Trail hiking adventure.

Jigger Restaurant in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

The Jigger Restaurant, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

With the opening of the Jigger in Bay Bulls, this adds another restaurant to the mix of great places to eat in the Bay Bulls, Witless Bay, Mobile, and Witless Bay Ecological Reserve at large.


Adult Play and Why It’s Important to Keep It Playful

If the essence of your life isn’t the pursuit of joy and exploration, take a moment to reevaluate what the heck you’re doing. At the very least, be sure to frequently get out from behind your desk or take a deep breath and jump out of your fishbowl so that you can, at least for a moment, look from the outside in. You will be amazed at what you will see and how it will change your perspectives. We just want you to be happy.


Christmas Presents

We’re betting against the coal in our stocking that the bulk of what most people received last year doesn’t even make it into their memories, and that’s a shame when you consider the time, energy, and money North Americans spend on Christmas presents every year.

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